As the world migrates from the usage of traditional banking systems, cryptocurrency is quickly gaining popularity. As a digital form of currency created from code, cryptocurrency has proven to be more advantageous compared to fiat currency. With the promise of lower rates, global access, increased user privacy, resource decentralization, and universal recognition, cryptocurrency is speedily gaining global acknowledgement. Among the world’s leading cryptocurrency service providers sits eDigiCash.

What Is eDigiCash?

A service provided by SoftPark Technologies Corp., eDigiCash is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows buyers and merchants to sell goods and services in 63 different currencies and to get paid in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, XCurrency, Dash, BitcoinDark, Vertcoin, and Peercoin.

eDigiCash Features And Benefits

As a leading cryptocurrency service provider, eDigiCash has amazing features that will enable you to carry out your transactions effortlessly. Some of these key features are:

Transact In Your Local Currency

In a bid to simplify online sale and purchase of products and services, eDigiCash recognizes 63 different local currencies, ranging from the US Dollar to the Ghana Cedi, on its platform. In their latest feature release, the Auto-Exchange feature was made available to the public. The feature allows merchants to identify the cryptocurrency they will directly accept and which ones they would like to have converted to Bitcoin. This introduces an original flexibility to the service.

No Paperwork

Gone are the days you had to take more than 20 minutes filling forms before you could get an account open. With eDigiCash there is no registration required, no ten step verification process, and no merchant account required. To access this service, all you need is your API ID and API key. These two will be used to sign the data flow between your website and the gateway.

Low Transaction Costs

With absolutely no setup or monthly fees charged, getting started on eDigiCash has never been made any easier. With only a standard 0.5% commission charge, you get to carry out your transactions without worrying about transaction or bandwidth limits.

Instant Payment

You do not have to wait several hours to have your transactions validated before receiving your payment anymore. With eDigiCash, your payment is automatically forwarded to your stated address upon confirmation of the transaction. The received amount is less the commission.


Transaction security is paramount when buying or selling over the internet. In eDigiCash, all your request parameters are fully secured by a digital signature, assuring you of 100% data security. To further ensure your security, Payment Links have been made available to enable you to completely hide your request parameters.

In order to flag any fraudulent payment notifications or instances of data manipulation, digital signatures are included in your payment notifications (IPN)

Optimized Checkout

When checking out, the buyer redirects to the Payment page where a payment method is selected and the required amount is transferred to a temporary address. The checkout page currently supports English, Spanish, French, and German languages while having been optimized for both mobile and desktop users.


Despite its numerous advantages, usage of cryptocurrency has been dogged by its fair share of problems, which have also become downsides for cryptocurrency gateways such as eDigiCash. Top on the list is the inability to reverse your transactions. Without a center point in the payment process, transactions carried out using cryptocurrency are irreversible. Losing your wallet is equivalent to burning your money. Given the bespoke anonymity associated with cryptocurrency, losing your phone or system where you had stored your digital currency is considered a permanent loss.

Final Words On eDigiCash

The world of cryptocurrency has now been brought to your doorstep, thanks to eDigiCash. Designed for both merchant and buyer flexibility, eDigiCash has taken online business to the next level. With your security assured, you can now carry out business over the internet easily.

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