The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission has announced that it will be establishing a new Trusted Exchange Accreditation Program (TEAP). The program will be a collaboration with WEDI, SAFE-Biopharma Association and eP3 foundation to allow for a wider exchange of information between institutions.

TEAP is aimed at leveraging identity verification, authentication and privacy frameworks which are industry standardized. This system is in order to efficiently and safely endorse the 21st Century Cures Act and other acts such as the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA).

The application of this system would allow for a greater level of security for users online including the safety of users in exchanging data between one another. EHNAC's executive director, Lee Barrett, has urged for medical institutions to join this unique program which aspires to provide a higher level of communication and security for their partners and users.

“We invite the healthcare industry to join us in working together to establish this important new accreditation program that will continue the much-needed focus on interoperability as well as assure a trusted environment where privacy and security requirements are maintained… The formation of this industry collaboration leveraging many of the excellent frameworks and best practices already deployed is an important first step in making this a reality.”

The platform will be able to provide organizations with Third-Party accreditation for healthcare stakeholders. This accreditation would consist of Health Information Networks (HIN), Health Information Exchanges (HIE), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), data registries, payers, providers, vendors and others.

The platform will provide users with ID verification and authentication. All to create a highly effective ‘Digital exchange highway' while offering an open, secure platform for the application of Blockchain, GDPR and cloud technologies.

“SAFE-BioPharma is pleased to be a part of this effort to leverage standards in healthcare, which will lead to improved patient safety, privacy and, a better user experience.” – Director of SAFE-bio Pharma Association, Matt King.

So far, the planned platform has obtained a great level of acclaim by companies such as WEDI, especially to its CEO Charles Stellar.

“This program aligns closely with the efforts of WEDI members and workgroups to facilitate secure and trusted data exchange through blockchain and other enabling technologies. Our association is committed to working closely with the other founding partners, sharing our members’ guidance and relationship with the ONC to further this important initiative.”

Moving forward, TEAP will be expanding to include the development of a committee of stakeholders to act as trustees to the platform's development. This committee is expected to be made up of 10-15 members with extensive private healthcare backgrounds.

“The Trusted Exchange Accreditation Program enables new data paradigms, accredited by organizations already known and trusted, to solve and resolve the traditional roadblocks to interoperability and consumer empowerment while, at the same time, addressing the brand new regulatory requirements like GDPR… We applaud and welcome all organizations entrusted with protecting information to participate.”

– Marsali Hancock, CEO of EP3 Foundation

What do you think? Just another day of bitcoin innovation and blockchain projects coming together to help change the world!

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