A spinoff of the Latvian Riga Technical University, EHO Technologies is a scientific firm that concerns itself with smart textile, data processing and analysis. Presently, EHO is developing a trailblazing proprietary technology that produces pressure and stretch sensitive textile. By combining textile sensor data with data analysis algorithms, EHO solutions provide a reliable motion study to its users. Another application of this is the horse industry, where the data interpretation algorithms prove valuable in assessing both the horse’s and the rider’s performance.

As of now, EHO boasts of an impressive track record thanks to their exemplary research and development team. Up to date they have achieved substantial results; proof of concept, in-depth knowledge of client needs, regional networking and so on.

The Problem EHO Token Seeks To Solve

A considerable number of horses (45%) have issues with the saddle fit. While this may seem negligible, a poorly fitting saddle is a predisposing factor for lameness. It starts with poor performance and back problems, eventually transforming into a more severe complication. On the other and, a fitting saddle enhances performances on top of the obvious comfort for both the rider and the horse.

EHO Token Smart Textiles Company & Horse Saddle-Pads Solution

EHO will develop saddle pads fitted with sensors to improve the performances of the horses. Essentially, the benefits of the saddle are;

  • Saving extra expense – the sensor will assist in choosing the perfect saddle, saving money and time that would otherwise be wasted on finding a new alternative.
  • Reduced injuries – a perfectly fitting saddle significantly reduced the chances of injuries.
  • Improved riding performance – by monitoring the rider, the sensor will enable experts to recommend more suitable riding techniques thus improving the overall performance.

EHO Token Market Research

Worldwide, there are over 60 million horses, a majority of which do not have a digital performance tracker. According to the European Horse network, the horse industry amasses an annual revenue worth over €100 billion. Furthermore, it employs almost 2 million people.

EHO will target the UK as its primary market. Germany, France and Scandinavian countries will follow after the piloting phase in Britain. The UK is favored due to the large number of hires in the country.

Additionally, market research revealed that the expected clientele can be divided into tow broad categories; riding trainers and riders. Here, the coaches will be the primary group whereas the riders will be the secondary group.

EHO Token Roadmap

In 2016, the EHO concept was born when a team on experts decided to focus their efforts on the equestrian industry. A year later, the Riga University endorsed and financially supported the upcoming project, a stage that culminated in the development of a working prototype.

2018 is set to be a big year for EHO, as it will see the inauguration of the crowdsale. Afterwards, the product will hit the market. Upon the release, EHO will continue working on a mobile app and the development of machine learning algorithms.

EHO Token ICO Details

  • Token Type – ERC20
  • ICO Start Date – 04/17/18
  • Token Price = $0.01
  • Hard Cap – $1.75 million
  • Soft Cap – $0.95 million
  • Eligible Means Of Payment: Ether, Bitcoin and ShapeShift widget


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