What Is Einsteinium?

Einsteinium is a newly developed platform that is designed and based around funding through cryptocurrency. There is a projected time of about a week before the platform launches.

How Does Einsteinium Work?

It’s a foundation based system that is designed to help people with funding for scientific research. Einsteinium is going to be a crowd funding platform that is attempting to be an essential part of the science community. The ecosystem that has been developed is the fundamental ideal behind the science research they are looking to accomplish.

Research is not everything however, they are also looking to improve education as well as internet technology developments. They want to take it to another level from what they’ve stated. They believe that education is the key to success with any movement. And they are dedicated to spreading their beliefs around the world. They want to create a system that is based on solid, foundational goals and spread their knowledge across the globe. They are basing all of their software on blockchain technology, which is one of the largest emerging techs in the world.

The company is also based on open source technology. And they are already a part of the Bitcoin community as well as being completely dedicated to improving the entire infrastructure and foundation of the platforms being utilized.

Cryptocurrency –

The tokens used are said to be like no other. They are pushing for a project that is said to revolutionize the industry. They want cryptocurrencies worldwide to be beneficial to everyone, not just certain people.

Specs –

It runs on a specific algorithm that operates randomly through each epoch and lasts for upwards of 180 blocks.

Wormholes –

The blocks reward an amount of 2871 EM2 for each block.

They will use different wallets that operate on different platforms. For one they will have the Windows Wallet, for another the OSX Wallet. There will also be the Coinomi Android Wallet and the Wallet Source. They’re updated constantly and are designed to work for everyone’s needs.

You can buy the tokens right now. You want to make sure that you have a back up wallet as well before you start a new wallet. They are launching a new version of their system on December 9th, so if you want to get in on the new platform, make sure and keep an eye on the website emc2.foundation.

The team consist of multiple individuals who are from different places around the world. They wanted to make sure the platform is completely decentralized and open for everyone. People on the team are from Canada, the US, Taiwan and other countries all over the world. If you’re interested in getting in on the cryptocurrency space, this is a company that is likely great for you.

Einsteinium Conclusion

It’s a new company, so you definitely have to be careful when investing. But that doesn’t mean they are a company that can’t be trusted. They’re just a company that is new and hopefully will be able to deliver as they promised.

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  1. FFS – it’s a token for giving money away? Science projects overwhelmingly do NOT make money, that’s why they rely on funding from universities and governments. Its use case totally doesn’t warrant its current bubble price.


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