EiraCube Review

A lack of exposure kills modern online businesses. If they are not able to attain a high Alexa ranking and win coveted spots on Google’s front page for popular search terms, an e-commerce company is unlikely to gain and retain traction or customers. Similarly, however, brick and mortar companies who are unable to successfully jump into the world of online retail forfeit their shot at a marked increase to profits.

In order to provide the “best of both worlds,” EiraCube seeks to provide a unique service in the form of a moveable cube of converse.

This guide will outline the nature of the ICO being held by EiraCube, as well as the details concerning the product that will eventually be marketed and employed publicly.

What Is An EiraCube?

Perhaps the EiraCube website provides the most straightforward definition of the product they seek to produce: “a giant, cool looking, interactive vending machine.” They’re not far off, either. The EiraCube is a portable, large glass cube that houses products and allows consumers to purchase what they like.

The cubes will be placed at high-profile events in order to maximize exposure of the product to potential customers. Additionally, the makers of the product say that debit and credit cards will be accepted as means by which onlookers can immediately purchase and obtain the products that interest them the most.

The most captivating and persuasive aspect of the EiraCube model should be obvious to anyone who looks at the pictures of it in action: it looks really interesting. At its core, the product is intended to generate public interest in a product that they otherwise would never be exposed to. Thus, a product that would otherwise be hidden on the internet on the fifteenth page of Google could be, with the help of EiraCube, right in front of the eyes of thousands of passers-by.

eira cube home page

EiraCube ICO

With the significant public and monetary interest in the type of “best of both worlds” that EiraCube offers to e-commerce companies, it is no surprise that they are currently hosting a successful Initial Coin Offering. An ICO is simply a point at which a company opens itself up to public cryptocurrency investors who may purchase coins, or tokens, as what is effectively a share in the company.

The ICO uses the BRETT token, which operates under an exchange rate of 30,000 BRETT per one Ether. With a hard cap of $500,000 million and a soft cap of $1 million, the ICO is currently reaching the end of its Pre-ICO stage. On May 1st, 2018, the 40% bonus on this investment period will end and will transition to a 15-20% bonus and a hard cap of $10 million.

EiraCube ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: BRETT
  • Token Sale Starts: February 1, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: May 30, 2018
  • Total Supply: 1.5 Billion
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: USD 3 Million
  • Hard Cap: USD 25 Million

Invest In EiraCube

Interested investors should do more research on the product, starting on the startup’s home page.

BRETT tokens, the currency used for investment in the ecosystem, actually have two unique functions for buyers. First, they can be used to pay for “good bought in EiraCube.” Second, investors can buy the tokens, which will provide profit during monthly “token buybacks.”

The most relevant and up-to-date information on investment in this new, cubed product can be found on the IPO’s white paper.

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