Eircoin is the Irish Bitcoin broker which used to help people making their first Bitcoin purchase. When it was launched the prices of the Bitcoin was about only 5 euro. It has been there in the market for very long and was the reliable broker who served people to know about the Bitcoin. Dave Fleming was the founder of the Eircoin which started in the year 2013. Its existence was there because of Bitcoin.

At first, it was very difficult to manage things as the things were not sorted the government rules and regulation was not flexible and they were also not sure about it. Bitcoin at the initial days was at a doubtful position and many things need to be sorted.

After some time, when it was decided that all the banks will back out it was then that the future of the Bitcoin and Blockchain technology started rising to the top. People really started liking the Bitcoin which changed the market course drastically.

In today’s time where all the OTC (over the counter) banking is lost in Ireland, this battle between the banks and the Cryptocurrency market, banks have lost and now Bitcoin is taking the lead gaining the maximum vote. The blockchain is the next big thing where everything is digitalized, and people are still doing the business with ease. Though banks have given their maximum efforts and opposed this technology in the end, they seem to lose the battle.

Dave Fleming, in the end, thanked all the people who supported him in his journey as without their support it would not have been easy to make it so far. Crypto markets will grow and has a great future ahead despite the fact that banks will be a constant hurdle for them. This technology helps to make life simpler and easier.

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