Eitcoin ETC ICO

There is crisis in the labor market which has reached catastrophic proportions. More than 70% of CVs contain inaccurate information. The entire process of verifying specialists experiences, competencies and skills falls in the hands of employment agencies.

Eitcoin offers a business model of developing staff competencies which can be incorporated in education, self-education and business process.

About Eitcoin ETC

Eitcoin is a unique ecosystem for businesses, educational organizations and professionals. They create a smart CV for professionals which is a digital footprint of their skills, academic performance, achievements and awards.

A knowledge base and an expert system which contains lists and models of skills and competencies. Eitcoin even does competency mapping which is aimed at designing effective plans for individual development. They contain a huge amount of data which will be leveraged for competency mapping and a candidate matching system.


The Eitcoin ETC ecosystem contains four main modules:

  1. Trusted CV: Users can add verified records to students’ and employee’s CV and manage the registry of certificate. Users will be charged by the number f entries and changes made.
  2. Talent Vault: This service allows companies to post vacancies and search for candidates in the market. Companies are charged by time and the number of posts.
  3. Analysis Platform: They provide users with access to the results of analyzing bigdata on demand and supply in the labor market. Users will be charged by time.
  4. Open interface(API): Users can work with data stored in the ecosystem of the software level. Users are charged by the number of API calls.

Eitcoin ETC ICO Token

Eitcoin Token(ETC) is based on ERC20 platform and it serves as a payment method for Eitcoin services as well as a tool for managing the development of the ecosystem of the ecosystem and interacting with organizations outside the Ethereum network.

They are targeting a soft cap of 300 ETH. Of the 25 million tokens available, 40%(10 million) will be distributed in the ICO. The remaining 60% will be distributed as follows:

  • 10% will be a fund for free distribution among their technology partners.
  • 30% are frozen assets for the benefit of the Eitcoin Foundation which ensures the development of future projects.
  • 20% are frozen assets for founders and early investors.

The ICO will be divided into 4 periods:

  1. Pre ICO: 6000 ETC = 1ETH and a bonus of 50% will be awarded.
  2. Period 1: 4800 ETC = 1 ETH with a bonus of 20%
  3. Period 2: 4400 ETC = 1 ETH and a bonus of 10% is given
  4. Period 3: 4000 ETC = 1 ETH

Funds raised will be distributed as follows:

  • 50 % will go in the development of the platform.
  • 20% will be allocated for Marketing and sales
  • 10% is issued for user support and investor support
  • 10% is alloted for administrative and business expense.
  • 5% is for information security
  • 5% is a grant for legal and financial support

Eitcoin ETC ICO Conclusion

Eitcoin’s platform, if implemented appropriately will replace existing services like monster.com or LinkedIn. They will make recruitment process easy for companies, make effective learning tools and a reliable skill verification system.

More can be learnt about Eitcoin and their token on https://www.eitcoin.org/.

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