You cannot choose to invest in any particular ICO based on rumors; that’s the golden rule in the crypto world. As much as reviews about the same projects are vital, their Whitepapers, primarily found on the project’s official website is worth going through. On the same breath, we’re going to review Kash.online (kash.email/) based on what’s captured in this very vital and comprehensive document.

What Is eKash?

After understanding all the ins and outs about how BTC operates, its complexities and why it is the single most precious cryptocurrency at the moment, you’ll have amassed enough courage to take the plunge. But you will be hit with a thunderous shock upon learning that each transaction is charged and the cost is honestly a pain in the neck. And unfortunately, that’s where your excitement ends and contributes to the criticisms this coin receives on a daily basis.

eKash markets itself as the real solution to this heartbreaking, but inevitable drill. Introducing itself as the pioneering blockchain-based UX-oriented and fee-neutralizable platform, there’s a lot to expect from this forerunner platform. As the UX of the crypto world, it is tradable, and anyone can write contracts and develop DApps using it.

But the real deal about it, apparently, is the fact that you don’t incur any transactional fees while transferring it!

eKash Key Innovations

Key innovations eKash comes with include the changed wallet address: email. This simple email wallet address is a step away from the complex ones while the Wallet Address Resolution works behind the scenes to convert the email address to hex address.

A typical address can be [email protected], which is a lot simpler and easier to memorize. And that’s why on its clean, sleek website, you see “no more hex address” and “get rid of QR code” pop up time and again!

The wallet can still act as a portal of service, including identifying customers for their tailor-made services. That is to mean, any WPP (Wallet Portal Protocol) compatible client will easily navigate the portal’s pages.

eKash Cryptocurrency Email Wallet Address Blockchain Features

  • Wallet identifier: Email – a user must register at least one valid Email Wallet Address so that the client initiates a transaction without using QR code. The receiver then mentions who is sending the eKash via EWA. Simply put, everything is done manually.
  • eKash is more of a portal than a wallet. It comes with lots of information about the user, including the name, social media profile, photo and other details.
  • The advertisers partially cover transfer fees.
  • eKash looks perfect for online shop owners.
  • It has reward points.
  • It will have a location-based POS which practically means you will walk into a restaurant, order food and pay using the coins

eKash EKH ICO Details

Though the whole Whitepaper is clear and understandable, it has little information about the token sale. From what’s available on the website, purchase of tokens is possible in a plethora of cryptocurrencies, including all the major ones. Also, fiat currencies acceptable include the main ones such as USD, JPY, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP and a lot more.

eKash Verdict

Well, eKash is very genuine and legit as it is based in South Korea with developers of repute. However, you might have to do your homework about the ICO and the Bounty program before taking the plunge!


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