ElaadNL & IOTA Tangle Reveal Working Smart Vehicle Charging Stations

IOTA has just made the official announcement that they will be releasing the world’s first charging station. It is where charging and also payment to a machine will be possible with the use of the IOTA platform. The charging station will be made open to the public this is all thanks to the ElaadNL.

So where exactly will you find this one of its kind charging station? Well, it will be located at the business park in Arnhems Buiten, in the Netherlands. It is also the very new tests site for the ElaadNL, something that you should look out for. The test site will be equipped with a number of charging stations; this is including a charger island, fast charger, there will be two charging lanterns, battery, and the eagerly awaited IOTA charger.

How Does The IOTA Charging Station Work?

The charging station has been designed to work autonomously and is able to handle the communication and payments with the end user. The IOTA has been incorporated into the Tangle, which was explicitly designed to deal with the Internet of things, an open source protocol that is able to facilitate with the novel machine to machine interactions.

But this is not all as the system can store the values on the meter every 15 minutes in the tangle, which ensures there is a dependable and also an indubitable administration. The system is so sophisticated that it is able to do transactions directly without the use of any subscription or even a charge card. The reason being, no communication protocol is required in the system like the bank office.

The charging station still has more in store beyond the user’s expectations. It has been equipped with advanced hardware that is able to set up TCP/IP connections with the car that is following. Then from here, the autonomous system goes to the next step where the machine-to-machine payment and the data exchange is carefully completed.

For the cars that have not yet been enabled with this advanced software or hardware, the system still has something in store for them; they have not been left behind. The IOTA tokens will be sent directly to the charger, all thanks to the standard IOTA wallet that has been incorporated. The expert team that is behind this evolution went ahead and demonstrated how effective and efficient the charging station is with the help of a mini Tesla, for sure they have taken the charging station to another level.

Experience The First Worlds Charging Station

The IOTA and ElaadNL are truly taking the world by the storm with the new and efficient charging station; it is indeed a development in the next level. It is clear that IOTA will be the next big thing, it has the potential of becoming the backbone that will drive the machine economy, something we should all look out for.

The charger has shown there is an ability to use the real machine to machine communication and the micropayments, it is all thanks to the secure layer that the IOTA incorporated, making this payment system a real success. The future is genuinely evolving and developing faster than most of us had imagined. It is indeed another step towards the future.

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