Is no secret blockchain technology comes in handy for financial transactions, and ultimately it may have potential to transform the future of how we transact property business. The invention could offer a significant change in the speed or our transactions and increase the overall transparency of the real estate business. While most people are still brainstorming on how this could become possible, there are ventures already on the right side of the real estate disruption. Here one blockchain idea that could have one of the most significant impacts on the commercial real estate sector.

About ELAD

ELAD or Equity Ledger Assets Decentralized is blockchain-based platforms that aim to transform the future of investment strategies and our real estate market by incorporating blockchain, smart contracts, and innovative technology. The platform will strive to create a real estate portfolio and combine it with cryptocurrency to fuse the liquidity of the assets to the velocity of the digital asset.

Additionally, the ELAD online platform will bring together real estate investors and provide them with secure crowdfunding opportunities from where they can seek and invest in multimillion-dollar investments. That capability is possible thanks to the decentralized and stable nature of the blockchain technology that also enables an automatic contract execution, transfer of data and management of the investment.

The Feature Of The Network Ecosystem

The ELAD network will provide its users with the following tools for their real-estate ventures

  1. Personal e-wallet- an easy-to-use wallet for the users to safely trade and hold their ELAD coins
  2. An exchange platform-ELAD network also provides for an instant exchange from where you can buy the ELAD token and use it to pay for real-estate property
  3. P2P exchange portal-to increase the profits for the users, ELAD allows for the trade of the coins in the sale or rent of the property assets.
  4. Blockchain transactions-all transactions under the ELAD network work under the blockchain to safely confirm the asset ownership and its sales.

How Does ELAD Work?

The ELAD network entails that users first apply to have the LEAD tokens relating to the real estate of their choice. Once in the hold of the ELAD token, the investors get a range of investment opportunities which include

  1. Crowdfunding
  2. Real estate advertising
  3. Fractional property ownership
  4. Token-controlled rents and buying opportunities

Consequently, the investors will get to become pioneers in real estate to adopt cryptocurrencies and generate potential wealth in a somewhat stagnant and inaccessible market.

Sales Events

The ELAD platform plan on supplying their 100 million supply through two stages of sales.

  • Pre-sale- 15% of the tokens will be sold at this stage with the start date set at 23rd March 2018. For 1 ETH the investor gets 5,000 ELAD tokens
  • The main sale-the final token sale will happen on 11th May 2018 with one ETH getting you 2,500 ELAD tokens.

The bonus program will feature different levels of each investment option

  • 3,750 ELAD-50% Bonus
  • 3,000 ELAD- 20% Bonus
  • 2,750 ELAD- 10%Bonus

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