Elastos Set Up A Million Network Nodes, Switches On 400,000 Of Them

After collaborating with Shanghai Shijiu TV, Elastos Carrier has achieved an incredible feat. Elastos is an internet-oriented Blockchain infrastructure whose primary mandate is to provide a virtual ecosystem to protect decentralized applications from attacks from the web.

It had agreed with the Chinese brand with a view of protecting its TV box units. And just yesterday, news stealing the headlines stated that a whopping one million units had been equipped with this carrier.

Each unit has a node on Elastos, a P2P network that’s directly connected to the nodes that circumvent the quintessential “client-server” model. The new model, therefore, has one computer, known as “client” and its role is to contact the central server from where it gets the information from.

The First Web 3.0 Project To Clock A Million Distributed Nodes

The TV boxes had been initially released in August 2018, although without the revolutionary technology they come with right now. These recent versions, however, come fully kitted to readily connect to the internet. The announcement marks a milestone in the industry, mainly because it makes Elastos Carrier the first Web 3.0 project to clock a million distributed nodes.

According to ecstatic Elastos Foundation Chairman, Ron Cheng, the achievement is miles away from their pro-beta goal of 40k network nodes. The feat came less than half a year from the period the pro-beta goal had been projected. And this deployment, according to the chairman, unequivocally makes it the only Web 3.0 project to have such massive network infrastructure targeting the vast retail consumer client base.

He says that their development team is planning to take advantage of their newly acquired reputation to add new features to the network while recruiting new members to it. According to him, users will be interested in getting immersed into its full benefits once they participate in its evolutionary stage and discover its help in protecting them from the dangers lurking on the internet.

400,000 Nodes Are Active

At the moment, 400,000 of them are active and operational with the rest expected to start working in due course. However, there’s nothing that will stop the uniquely positioned Elastos Carrier network from its retail polarization in the new web paradigm.

It’s worth noting that the real winners are those users and applications wired to use the network. Every user and application is equipped so that it routes the information through the network and thus directly communicate with the other nodes.

At a period when the market cap of Elastos is hitting millions of dollars, the rapid expansion is coincidentally arriving amidst an important network update designed to enable DID sidechain. The DID sidechain (Decentralized ID) is meant to allow individuals and digital assets in the ecosystem to get unique, digitalized identification. It will essentially grant every user the freedom to “own” and control his/her data.

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