Elastos (ELA) Blockchain Smart-Web Platform Opens Testnet For Public Development

Elastos, a blockchain platform that was designed to run decentralized applications has just been opened for testing. The Elastos also referred to as the ELA, is a platform designed to be blockchain powered and a smart web platform. They have just announced today that there testnet has just officially opened to the public; thus, the various developers in the market can go ahead and view the repositories that are on GitHub.

According to the announcement made by the company, the testnet they have designed will enable the various developers in the market to do multiple tasks. It is from the creation of a wallet app, the mining of ELA for development and even going ahead to integrate the ELA into other applications.

The price of the ELA in the market has lately been in a steady downward trend in the past three months. It has been dropping from about a peak of $61.98 in the month of May to about $16.37 earlier today. The ELA currently holds a market cap of approximately $87 million.

More About The Elastos

The Elastos platform has been considered as a new age ecosystem on the internet that has been designed to be entirely powered by the blockchain technology. The company has been able to develop a system that could be used for the decentralized applications, which have been able to run on the peer to peer network that has no centralized control.

With the new ecosystem in place, it will allow the various users to properly utilize the digital assets in a manner that it can still stay tradable and also identifiable in all transactions that are carried out. The primary goal of the Elastos company is to ensure that they establish an internet where the various users are able to access the needed content directly, all this happening without the use of an intermediary service provider.

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