Cloud mining is the process by which a person can buy computing power from dedicated data centers who use their equipment to mine cryptocurrencies on the person’s behalf. This allows people to mine cryptocurrencies without having an extensive knowledge of mining hardware and saving them the time and effort to setup up expensive mining devices. Elderhash is one of the best Bitcoin mining service provider worldwide.

What Is ElderHash?

Elderhash LTD is a London registered company which offers a distinctive style of Bitcoin mining whose service is very easy to use. Its as uncomplicated as just signing up and depositing with their adaptable billing platform and they take care of the rest. The setup just takes a few minutes and you can sit back and watch the Bitcoins come in.

A user gets an unparalleled introductory offer of 150GH/S of free mining power on sign up. Their affiliate program can be used to increase your earning capabilities.

Elderhash Affiliate Program

Elderhash gives you a percentage of your referral profits for free. There is absolutely no limits to the number of referrals that you make. There are three different referrals levels based on referral’s profits. Level 1 which gives 7% bonus, Level 2 which gives 2% bonus and level 3 which gives 1% bonus. More the profits generated by the affiliate, the higher level you gain which in turn increases your gratuity.

ElderHash Pricing

A person can invest anywhere between 0.0015 to 15BTC. All of their mining contracts lasts lifetime and their is no expiration date to hashpower. They do not have set plans but rather they have scalable pricing. This gives the users all the power to invest as much or as little as they like without being constrained to set plans.

With Elderhash you can earn up to 14% daily profits and an additional affiliate bonus of up to 10%. This means that a user’s general profit time averages between 7-10 days. They have payout intervals every 24 hours. They have an easy to use built-in investment calculator on their site, which shows your approximate time for return on investment, price per GH/S and profit for the estimated time period of investment.

They are upfront about their pricing and it will be evident to even non-specialists that their pricing is one of the best in the business.

Joining ElderHash Crypto Cloud Mining HashPower Provider

The signup process is hassle free. Just fill the initial basic details to gain access to their client portal. When you have the access to the client portal, choose the amount you want to invest and you will be billed for the chosen amount. The first withdrawal can be made just within 24 hours of investment from their client portal. The client portal can also be used to make referrals and you will be rewarded a percentage of the profit generated.

ElderHash Conclusion

Elderhash is one of the leading cloud mining services available and the investment returns are unpresidented. To learn more about this system logon to: elderhash.com/. Any queries will be answered by their support team who are available 24*7 .

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  1. I would suggest you to be careful. As my first and second payout itself are pending. I have tried reaching out to their support but no response from them as well.

  2. I put in 100 GBP. Did 2 withdrawals successfully for 30 GBP each…straight to my wallet no problem. Asked for a 3rd withdrawal…Pending. Tried to contact support…email kept bouncing back. Went on today…site has disappeared…!!! Oh well I only lost 40 GBP…worth a try. We live and learn


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