Electron Cash Cryptocurrency Wallet App For iOS Devices Releases Soon

The Electron Cash wallet, one of the most recognized Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet is no going to be ready for iOS devices. Currently it is in beta testing period, but News.Bitcoin.com was able to have privileged access to it.

At the moment, the wallet is available for Mac, Linux, Windows and Android phones. The wallet is being developed by Jonald Fyookball and has been working in order to offer iOS users the possibility to have the wallet on their phones.

According to News.bitcoin.com, the wallet shows a neon-blue like screen that shows the Electron Cash name and where users can launch the app for the first time. It is possible to create a new wallet or import an existing seed.

The wallet allows users to write down a twelve word mnemonic phrase that will let the individual recover the funds in the wallet in case it is necessary. After it it will be required to write down all the 12 phrases, a process that may be tedious, but it takes just a few moments. Moreover, those users that want even more security, they will be able to enter a password to have access to the funds.

In the wallet there are five settings that include wallet, addresses, coins, contacts and the settings section. The wallet provides the information about the funds you have after entering the password. It also indicates the name of the wallet(s) that the user has.

Moreover, the wallet allows individuals to send money to contacts. If a user has been sending money to another one, then it is possible to repeat the operation to the same user.

An important characteristic of this wallet is that the settings page lets you change the password, see the mnemonic phrase in case you need to see it again. Additionally, it is possible to convert a legacy address to the Cashaddr format, and it also lets the user change the fee to max static or a custom fee.

Furthermore, if a user does not like that default block explorer it is possible to change it for another one in the settings section.


The wallet works very well in the beta phase (3.2.9) and users will be very happy with the developments made by the team. Additionally, Electron Cash developers have been looking for beta testers on the r/BTC subreddit during the last weeks so as to have a better feedback.

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