Element Group Says Bitcoin (BTC) Is Institutional Investors Number One Choice

Everybody in the cryptocurrency market is eagerly awaiting the inevitable flood of institutional investors that will enter the market. As the technology continues to develop, there are not a lot of assurances, but one of the most important ones is that the technology will be important in the future and this means that the financial institutions will use it.

According to Element Group’s Thejas Nalval, Bitcoin will be the first crypto on that list. According to the director of the company, the crypto space is home to many failed and fraudulent companies, so it expected that the institutional investors would decide to invest in a token that really has some stability as the biggest winner of the market: Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has the largest market cap, the most liquidity and it is overall the most valuable token so that is probably why companies would invest in it instead of trying other tokens, specially new altcoins.

Also, if Bitcoin gets a hit, everything else in the market gets hit harder, which makes it one of the least volatile tokens in the market at the moment. Finally, Bitcoin has reached a high price at the end of last year but it about $6,500 per BTC at the time of this report, which means that there is still a lot of room for improving the price and buying right now can lead to big profits.

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