Blockchain technology can be revolutionary. You know why? Because it is decentralizing the technology and financial market and getting great results lately. This enabled many companies to create interesting investments and to generate excellent opportunities for you to profit. Because of this, being well informed about this market is essential if you are an investor.

We are aware of this and, to help our readers, we review many companies. Today we are going to review a new company called Elementh.

What Is Elementh?

Elementh is the name of a blockchain company which offers solutions for e-commerce business. The main idea of Elementh is to offer a blockchain register of ownership of goods and the ability to use smart contracts to sell them. This will enable the company to use blockchain technology to improve their businesses.

The company also offers the ability to create several decentralized and centralized applications to be developed by third-parties and used by the e-commerce companies.

Elementh has a system of goods and a system of tokens. The system of tokens will be used to pay for the goods and services using a decentralized token and the system of goods will make it easier to make transactions using the system and to transfer goods online.

The use of third-party applications can also help the companies to market their products better because it can make it easier for them to be found online. A customer looking for a certain service on an app can easily find the products of this company and when he is tired of using it, he can easily sell them to someone else.

How Elementh eCommerce Blockchain App Works

The company will use the blockchain technology to organize the existence and register of the goods and to make sure that the users and the sellers will both work together. The customer will be able to pay using a smart contract and can easily have his money back if the product never arrives (because the blockchain can track the product and verify whether it was delivered or not).

Elementh can verify the originality of a certain good using the blockchain technology. Anyone would be able to verify it using the Ethereum blockchain to confirm that the product comes from the manufacturer. You can also use this kind of technology to track the location and the movement of the goods. You will be also able to geolocate goods. You can also use it to discover fake goods.

Third-party apps can make the services much better offering services that your own company could not offer alone because it would cost more. This can enable many new features to help both customer and seller to make better transactions.

How To invest In Elementh EEE ICO?

To invest in this company you will have to buy its tokens. The pre-sale has already begun and it will continue until January 31. During the pre-sale, you will be able to acquire tokens with a 50% bonus. This means that you will pay for ten tokens and receive fifteen, for example.

The main Initial Coin Offering (ICO) still does not have a fixed date, but it will probably begin in February and last about a month. You will receive fewer discounts if you wait, so it would be a better idea to invest right now if you are interested in this company because it would provide you with a better return on investment.

For more information about this company, you can always follow our blog and read any update about this company that we might have in the future.

The Elementh Verdict

Is this company a good investment for you? It can be, but it depends on some aspects. We can say that Elementh looks like a very legitimate company and that you are not investing in a potential scam if you invest in this company, so this is a huge positive point, as there are many ICOs which are, in fact, scams.

The other point is that this company could be a very profitable investment especially if you are on the e-commerce field because it will offer you a range of interesting services and possibilities for a cheaper price than you would pay if you were to wait until the company has started its business.

If you liked this company, you have no reason not to invest in it. Elementh can certainly be a great investment for you and be able to make you get a very good return on investment, so there is no need to think twice before investing.

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