Ellcrys (ELL)

Ellcrys is a platform that will consist of core products that will bring people together to achieve a common goal in a decentralized manner. The foundational product will be the protocol and the blockchain, which will not be accessible to the less tech-savvy. As a result, they will need to build a UI, mobile and desktop apps that will allow any user to access the network.

Ellcrys Core Products

Blockchain: Protocol And Client

The protocol will be the heart of the Ellcrys network. It will contain the rules, which determine the capability of the network and dictate how thousands of nodes will connect and collaborate to secure, maintain, and offer services to millions of developers and non-developers as well. This protocol will also determine how the version control system will function and how the communities will govern themselves.


It will not be enough to create a protocol that can only be accessed by developers. They also want to create an ecosystem, which is all-inclusive. People of every community will need a place where they can talk, share ideas, and track their activities. The plan is to come up with a platform that has both Slack and Github functions.


One of the frequently asked questions that they get is whether the software development is the only activity that the tech company does. A startup has to spend a huge amount of time in marketing, distribution, asset acquisition, human resource, and management. To come up with a successful platform where communities can own a business, they have to give them access to everything that they require.

Ellcrys’ marketplace will be designed for just this purpose. Communities will have the ability to shop for services they need, review services, start purchase proposals, and purchase services once the purchase proposal has been accepted. The marketplace team will have the responsibility for scouting for services and entering into partnerships to ensure the native coin is accepted as the primary means of payment.

Cloud Compute Services

This project is not just focused on community-owned software products. They also have an interest in software products, which are executed as a service that can be used by enterprise users. For instance, if the community wants to build an alternative to Fiverr, they will need computing resources like servers, IP/domain, databases, and much more. To start with, Ellcrys will collaborate with existing cloud service providers. Later on, they will develop their in-house flagship computing service.

Ellcrys Conclusion

Ellcrys clearly has an ambitious plan; they need to ensure that they have enough funding. They have set the hard cap for their funding at $100 million USD for the pre-alpha stage of the -project. They held the pre-sale funding round, which ended on March 1, 2018. Thus far, they have not announced a date for the ICO, which was slated for Q2 of 2018.

Token Details

  • Taken Name: ELL or Ellies
  • Ticker: ELL
  • Total Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 ELL
  • Mode of Distribution: StackMint
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Date of ICO: TBA

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