Elpis ELP investment is a form of asset management platform designed to embrace the future. It allows one to invest I both stocks as well as cryptocurrencies  through the use of artificial intelligence. The platform intends to raise funds through an ICO that will end on 1st March  2018 where the Elp token will be up for sale.

Elpis ELP Rationale

The platform aims at providing a third wave of investing for people looking to diversify their portfolio. Having an AI based investment platform will offer clients much needed efficiency in terms of trading while the use of blockchain brings about transparency to the whole process.

The use of both technologies is for one purpose: minimize risks while maximizing profits.Elpis trading startegies are already available for traditional assets such as futures. Through the ICO the platform hopes to raise funds to get into stocks and the crypto market.

Benefits of Using Elpis

  • Automation – The platform embraces the use of AI technology to calculate the algorithms on the platform.
  • Transparency – Since blockchain technology is the foundation on which the platform is built, there’s transparency due to the distributed auditing ledger.
  • Efficiency – The platform is tech-driven which helps it run efficiently therefore minimizing risks while maximizing profits.
  • Fair – There’s a clear fee policy which is based on the performance of the platform.

Elpis ELP ICO Token Sale

To transact on this crypto-asset management platform of the future, ELP tokens will be used. The project intends to hold an ICO that will sell these tokens to potential investors in order to raise funds to develop the system. The pre-sale will be ongoing until March 1st or until all the tokens are sold out. The ELP token is backed by the company’s equity which is regulated by the Bank of England. 1 ELP will be selling for 0.000265 ETH.

The ELP token has various uses including;

  • Trading it – Involves cashing out on it as soon as its value increases due to market forces of demand and supply.
  • Hold it – Retain it as it builds its value and can be bought back at a profit which also increases its value.
  • Exchange – The token can be exchanged for equity in case the token holder passes the shareholder criteria.

Elpis ELP Roadmap

  • October 2017 to February 2018 – Pre-ICO where a private sale of ELP tokens to investors will be done until 1st
  • March 2018 to April 2018 – Public ICO where the main sale of the tokens will take place, relationships will be developed and AUM fundraising from clients will commence.
  • May 2018 to January 2019 – Post- ICO where funds raised will be used to grow the company and develop the AI necessary for trading.
  • January 2019 to July 2019 – Operational stage and further improvement of the AI systems.

It’s great to see even traditional asset management companies embracing technology. The fact that this platform will combine both Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology will go a long way in bring value to the crypto investors. Both these technologies have a promising future ahead.

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