ELVN Messenger To Modernize Communication Through Social Platforms

Social media platforms have become a staple in one’s daily life, as it not only allows one to instantly communicate with those he or she pleases, but also relieves one of distance, and the lack of communication. With the messenger having played a significant role in how we have keep are family and friends as close as possible, one might wonder how it can further be improved. Is there any more room for growth? According to the CEO of the ELVN Messenger, Alex Reinhardt, there’s more to it than one perceives!

The ELVN Messenger uses blockchain technology to bring two or more individuals closer than ever. In particular, it encourages users to communicate, as individuals are said to receive compensation, i.e. the PlatinCoin (PLC), in exchange for the amount of presence and activity. Based on the claims made, activities may include sending messages and files, establishing group chats, video chats, and whatever else one normally would do on a traditional messenger.

Another interesting facet that makes the ELVN Messenger interesting is its “Crypto Jar”, which supposedly will be embedded to optimize security and convenience of files exchanged, possibly to ensure that viruses and such are not found. This segment of the messenger is currently in its final testing stages; however, its official release is yet to be determined.

The main difference between the traditional and ELVN Messenger, besides the fact that a compensation is involved, is that users can send and receive cryptocurrencies. This can only be done with people on one’s address book, which can hold up to 100,000 friends.

The entirety of this project appears to revolve around real life uses of blockchain technology and finding ways to implement them into one’s daily life to show that those who have been opposed to its integrations are invalidated.

Reinhardt explicitly shares that:

“We are sure that one of the main ways to develop the blockchain industry is to expand the crypto-community from the current 15 million to 150-200 million people around the world. Such simple and convenient tools as a crypto-messenger are among the great opportunities to solve this challenge.”

It appears that the main focuses of the ELVN Messenger are that of its overall use, followed by security and privacy. The former was targeted by increasing the number of participants within a group chat and ensuring that the higher the number of participants doesn’t mean the lower the sound quality.

Clearly, we’ve seen Facebook being exposed as having shared users’ information to advertising companies sometime this year – making it far more nerve-wrecking for users to engage in online communication. This major concern of privacy has supposedly been dealt with on the ELVN Messenger.

Based on a CoinSpeaker reporting, this innovative crypto-messenger neither collects, interferes or shares user information to outsiders. Furthermore, specific algorithms and functions were embedded to ensure that users do not feel the lack of security nor have to deal with unwanted advertisements.

As for getting started with the ELVN Messenger, it appears that it supports devices like Android and several versions of iOS including the iOS 10, iOS 11 and that essential for the iPhone X. Users can either download it on the Appstore or Google Play.

For more information, check out: elvn.com

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