Blockchain technology is becoming a formidable force in today's world, and the e-cigarettes industry is riding on the resulting crypto craze. With decentralized nature of the innovation, e-cigarettes could utilize such technology to open up new global markets for their vaping products.

ELYQD is an example of an e-commerce platform with the aim of setting up a store using the decentralized nature of blockchain to facilitate better user experience during e-commerce. Their vaping e-commerce platform is a revolutionary structure with the goal of growing the current vaping marketplace to a new level. Here is the aspiration of the global scale e-commerce approach

What Is Elyqd?

eLYQD is a blockchain-based marketplace platform with a design that allows the creation of an online e-commerce store with the option to trade in vaping products using cryptocurrencies and the eLYQD tokens. The aim is to connect the e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers to a worldwide demand market while also growing the business using necessary tools and a one-of-a-kind platform. The fully decentralized e-commerce market will allow any user to buy and sell their vaping products and experience the added benefit of the platform's design such as freedom, slower fees, and privacy.

The Elyqd Decentralized Blockchain Vaping Marketplace Concept

eLYQD is creating the global blockchain platform as a marketplace for different brands of e-liquids manufacturers and vaping customers. The platform operates on a borderless approach through the LYQD token which enables an on-demand trading system to solve issues of cross-border payments, transaction risks, and data accessibility during trading of vaping products.

The eLYQD project launch will also see manufacturers and consumers get access to essential functions such as offering items for sale, to general cataloging the products in the independent online shops. The manufacturer can also customize their online shops to accommodate discount systems for products on sale.

Elyqd Advantages

The eLYQD marketplace hopes to solve the e-commerce problems affecting the relevant participants. Consequently, this could have the following positive repercussion to the parties.


  • Access to a global market
  • Opportunity to trade in various goods without the need for intermediary retailers
  • Large online clientele
  • Ability to cross-market without changing platforms
  • Immediate and authentic customer feedback
  • Reduction in the marketing cost
  • There is the convenience in payments with regards to speed, safety and freedom of transactions.


  • Low fees for buying the vaping products
  • Ability to pay in popular cryptocurrencies (ETH, Fiat)
  • Access to wide variety of product sellers
  • Extensive and easy-to-use service
  • Security of personal details during transactions
  • Competitive pricing with the international marketplace
  • A transparent and decentralized review system for reputation rating

LYQD Token ICO Details

  • Pre-ICO: July 1st, 2018 – July 8th, 2018
  • ICO Crowdsale: July 9th, 2018 – September 30th, 2018

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker- LYQD
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Type- ERC20
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Price- 1 LYQD=$0.007
  • Token supply- 100,000,000,000

Token Allocation

  • Crowdsale- 60%
  • Founders and Team- 17%
  • User incentives- 3%
  • Reserve funds- 5%
  • Pre-ICO Sale- 10%
  • Bounty and airdrop- Advisors- 2%

Elyqd Conclusion

Dabbling in blockchain and cryptocurrency, in particular, is becoming the next craze for most startups, and the e-cigarettes industry is an example of an upcoming sector that could benefit from the innovation. Still, for ventures such as ELYQD, the vaping market remains a competitive scene, and there is plenty they need to work on before they can experience any success.

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