Elysian is a new private event that is preparing for launch. Currently there are 34 days or so left until the new decentralized network focused around ecommerce starts to take off. The platform utilizes blockchain technology, is guaranteed to run smoothly with heightened security, but is easy enough to use for even the move novice users. Anyone who specialized in Ecommerce, with blockchain technology would be wise to build ecom websites on the blockchain technology. The reason is secure data storage is unprecedented when it comes to user experience, and to create trust between businesses as well as consumers. To learn more about the platform, head to the company website at elycoin.io to download the whitepaper where all the technical specs can be seen in detail.

What Is Elysian?

The platform is where ecommerce and cryptocurrency come together as one. Elysian consists of a massive team of Ecommerce Specialists who are also cryptocurrency experts, ready to create an ultra-successful, multi-million-dollar platform. Ecommerce will of course be the main focus of the system, with the billions upon billions of dollars generated by the industry each year being used to support the financial revolution.

About Elysian ICO Details

As for the ICO, the tokens run on a private event. Right now, it is currently live, based on prices set by comparing partner to partner costs. The Hard Cap at this time is 1,600,000 USD. The Pre TGE-sale is running for another 34 days with a price of $.06 per token, supported by a massive Hard Cap at this point set at 2,400,000 USD. Following the previously two set sales is the main TGE, running from June 4th to June 24th, this part of the sale holds a Hard Cap of 15,000,000 USD.

The Team Behind Elysian

The team behind the platform consist of a team of highly trained cryptocurrency specialists, who are considered experts with a vision of turning Elysian into a global marketplace and cryptocurrency market that is considered the main focal point of the entire ecommerce industry. Powered by the blockchain technology, Elysian is the center piece of an ecosystem presented for a sustainable and healthy growing community, fully integrated with other businesses in the ecommerce sector.

Elysian In Conclusion

The platform is extremely innovative and aimed at drastically changing the world of ecommerce with the new blockchain technology built business model. The numerous improvements the company is claiming will occur on the platform is said to be enough evidence to show investors and consumers why a faster rate of delivery, mixed with secure data storage of customers is the only way to run a business of this nature, especially when mixed with blockchain technology and can at the same time give users an immeasurable level of trust considered to be vital in the natural growth of the ecommerce industry. You can find out more about Elysian at elycoin.io.

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