What Is Emanate?

Emanate Audio Exchange protocol is a decentralized network. It aims to facilitate instant value exchange and agreements between listeners, musicians, and other parties in the music sector. The entire artistic industry is full of work inspired by and derived from the works of others. Without this derivative work and collaboration, the art world would not be as huge as it is today.

The Laws Governing The Music World

The rules and regulations around these issues are always in flux. Emanate wants to be a key contributor to the progression of workable standards that promote openness and fairness. The emanate project will strive to adhere to the established standards and respect existing laws. It may mean they could restrict or block some features to users in some places.

This platform will aim to free artists from restrictions that inhibit their market access and creativity. Besides that, they intend to reward rightful owners of original and derivative works. The team behind this project will work with global experts to evolve the technology and processes, which promote an open, vibrant, and fair music industry. Besides that, they want to improve the experience for listeners and fans.

Problems In The Music Sector

The music industry is also quite centralized when it comes to monetization. However, this does not serve the needs of artists or audiences. Artists, remixes, DJs, and labels face a wide range of issues. The payments for creative works often lag. Moreover, collaborations can take years due to contractual disputes and issues with licensing a small bit of music.

In general, the legacy structures of the music industry impede progress and integration with the technological advancements of today. On Emanate, DJs, artists, influencers, will find a way to share among each other and fans. Thus, they can earn an income that is proportionate to their contribution while growing their influence.

Emanate will help listeners find new music; connect them to artists in ways that were previously unimaginable. As a result, they can contribute to the success of their favorite artists in ways that were impossible to achieve.

This project recognizes that the music ecosystem is made up of more than just artists and listeners. This project believes that everyone makes an important contribution. Thus, they want to ensure that all get a fair reward for their effort.

Why Emanate Blockchain Music Audio Exchange Protocol Is Needed

Emanate is an audio exchange platform that is designed to connect, distributors, influencers, and producers in the music sector. The platform is powered by smart contracts and the blockchain.

This platform will utilize the MN8 token. The token will be made available for sale to those that wish to be part of the Emanate ecosystem. If the internet were to be designed today, it would look more like a decentralized blockchain network than the current centralized server system.

Emanate MN8 Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Private Sale: 30 million MN8
  • Selective Pre-Sale: 40 million MN8
  • Date: Q3 Price: 0.1 USD = 1 MN8
  • Token Supply: 48 Million MN8
  • Date: TBA Price: 0.12 USD = 1 MN8
  • Hard Cap: 12 million USD

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