Market Chain is a new platform that can be used to buy and sell products with 0% commissions. The blockchain is said to be innovative, like nothing seen before. A brand new blockchain backed e-commerce system that cuts the middleman out completely.

About EMarketChain ICO

Token Symbol: EMAC

Token Sale Starts: 29th April 2018

Token Sale Ends: 29th May 2018

Token Price: Main Sale price determined by Pre-Sale reached volume

Total Supply: 454,000,000 EMAC

How Does EMarketChain Work?

The eCommerce platform is a new marketplace you can use to buy and sell various products. Since there is no middleman, you never have to pay a middleman anything. This means you won’t be charged any unfair commissions or fees for transactions you make. The power of online shopping will go back to the people shopping and out of the hands of the store owners.

The potential for growth is massive. Statistics dictate a potential for a $2 Trillion industry. It’s not hard to believe considering the rate at which the digital commerce platform is growing. Sales are reaching new heights, with projections expected to hit levels by 2021 that exceed $4 Trillion dollars.

There is now more chance for sellers to make larger profits, while buyers pay less. Numbers indicate as much as 15% savings can be made on both ends, with rates spent and saved improving day by day. The best part of the system is this is happening without sacrificing the quality of the product. That’s why new customers are more satisfied than ever, due to the differentiation of the eMarketChain compared to all other online ecom stores.

They have designed the platform to work through several multinational platforms across the globe. The system is decentralized, available across the globe, and able to complete all processes needed in a consumer to consumer as well as business to consumer sales platform.

Emarket chain is the first cryptocurrency, blockchain based platform that allows end customers to meet and communicate with each other for free. There are no commissions to be made on the platform and the company is completely operated on a decentralized network.

The platform is now accepting EMAX coins just the same as BTC and ETH coins. The market is quickly advancing to accept more digital currency types as well as other conventional payment methods. The technology used by the system is based on a shared ledger, developed for higher levels of safety and security. Not only that, but EMarket Chain is more affordable, simple and friendlier to us then nearly any other platform online.

What Is The ICO On EMarketChain?

Pre-Sale started in April on the 15th of 2018, it ended April 29th 0f 2018. The tokens will be allocated at 80% will be sold to the public, 10% is going to the future development of the platform, and another 10% is going to pay the team of advisors, community and early backers.

Who Is Behind EMarketChain?

The team behind the scenes is made up of some of the most experienced individuals in the tech industry. More importantly, they are specialists in their chosen field. Martin Shoilev is the founder and developer of the company who has been a developer, eCom specialist and professional retailer.

EMarketChain in Conclusion

EMarket Chain is a blockchain-based platform, designed to improve the eCommerce industry. Primarily, it has been developed to cut out the middleman, so everyday people can improve their ability to make money through eCommerce developed on the blockchain technology.

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