eMarketsTrade Review

An Overview of Crypto Broker, eMarketsTrade

With more investment in cryptocurrency, many people are looking for better ways to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio. An excellent way to strengthen your investment opportunities in the blockchain is looking for a cryptocurrency broker who offers viable options to their clients.

With the cryptocurrency market flooded with brokerage companies offering services, customers often fall into fake brokers or scams. However, if you are in search of an exclusive, compelling and personalized service, then eMarketsTrade is a good idea. The platform started its operations back in 2017, with SAS Global Trading Ltd as its parent company.

The cryptocurrency broker offers a trading platform for cryptocurrency pairs like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite coin, Monero, Ripple, and ZCash. Additionally, eMarketsTrade also provides training on education, software, and resources to improve the clients trading capabilities.

Pros of Joining eMarketsTrade

With eMarketsTrade, it looks like you will be signing up for more than just a cryptocurrency broker. For starters, the platform offers training on the crypto markets through webinars and seminars. This is a unique for a brokerage firm, and any person is set to gain a wealth of knowledge from this platform. Additionally, along the way clients get introduced to auto-trading software to enable all-around trading within the established standards.

Additionally, eMarketsTrade does not charge withdrawal fees for any trading profits you gain. More often than not, trade brokers overcharge clients on costs due to the blockchain fees on transacting.

Also, clients on the platform can get a welcome bonus when they first sign up. Unfortunately, this is only applicable to clients applying from higher levels rather than the starter account. Another useful feature of eMarketsTrade is its ability to provide daily market reviews. Clients can access professional analysis of how the crypto markets perform and what to expect.

eMarketsTrade Cons

While it may seem like a viable idea to join eMarketsTrade, some risks will make you rethink your decision. A definite red alarm is the deposit amount. For the minimum deposit for a starter, account stands at $2500. This is very high considering your only starting out. Putting such a large initial amount should ensure profitable returns. Furthermore, not everyone can afford such amount, making it a somewhat exclusive platform.

Another issue to flag down is eMarketsTrade authenticity. A look at the company's background and you will notice that the platform is licensed only in its native country. For any smart investor, this is a definite risk.

There is the possibility of losses which might prove difficult to follow up if your government regulator does not recognize the broker. It is advisable always to assess any company offering brokerage service before investing, and eMarketTrade should be no different.

eMarketsTrade Verdict

Although a cryptocurrency broker, eMarketsTrade has channeled much attention to also educating its clients. This is a great way to attract new clients while also building a reputation. However, much of these education programs are a façade for the expense you incur at the end.

The initial deposits for the accounts will make many people shy away from the platform. However, anyone with a ready budget can decide to get on board and start learning. It is a beautiful platform for any novice looking to gain a foot in the world of cryptocurrency. However, be sure to assess all the risk factors before making any investment decision.

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