Embleema PatientTruth

Embleema's PatientTruth Makes Use of Blockchain Technology to Store Medical Records

Embleema is a relatively recent company that has a total of six software developers and quite some medical advisors in their team. The staffs in Embleema are experienced professionals with sound educational backgrounds and a vast collection of extraordinary achievements.

This recent company is working towards making use of the Blockchain technology which is commonly associated with cryptocurrency to store medical records. The prototype of the primary product of Embleema which is called PatientTruth was completed in 2017. The company is however still trying to gain momentum to boost this product.

The technology behind Embleema PatientTruth software can advance the face of public health as there will be an increase in the rate at which medical records are stored and distributed. The level of security on the medical records will also significantly increase.

What Exactly is PatientTruth?

PatientTruth is a software developed by Embleema company; it is the main product this company offers. PatientTruth makes use of blockchain technology to securely bank and disseminates medical records electronically. This blockchain technology is a lot more secure and portable than other systems of medical records storage. Blockchain technology is the top choices for banking medical records electronically.

The Emblem company identifies the two main vulnerability of medical records storage, and they found a way to improve on them. The first vulnerability is security; this is as a result of the fact that hackers always target medical records. The second vulnerability is lack of proper dissemination of medical records.

The work of the blockchain technology is to code and store the medical records in a collection of blocks that are connected. Every block has information that connects it to the next one. In other words, the collection of blocks determines the authenticity of the information as no single block can be altered without affecting the entire collection. The collection of blocks containing the medical records can be viewed and distributed by individuals with the coded passwords.

Most of the time, blockchains are stored on cloud servers as a result of the fact that the information is usually large so they can be easily accessed making use of the client software. PatientTruth is a private blockchain that requires the need for a password to view, distribute or change the data as opposed to public blockchains that are available to the public for viewing.

Benefits of Embleema PatientTruth Software

There are several benefits of the Embleema's PatientTruth software, and they are outlined below:

  • The source code of PatientTruth is available for scrutiny by programmers on GitHub to provide security to its users.
  • The user interface of PatientTruth software has a sophisticated design, and it is very easy to use
  • PatientTruth makes use of Health level 7 to ensure readability of all the data in the electronic medical records.
  • PatientTruth security does not violate the privacy of patients, and it is in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

The PatientTruth software is an innovative opportunity for public health as the benefits are enormous. However, because quite a large number of medical practitioners already have systems of storage that they have invested in, it will take a relatively long amount of time for this software to gain momentum in the market.

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