EMCoin, or “Emerging Market Coin” is a cryptocurrency attached to a lending scheme that promises to pay you 3% returns per day. Find out if it’s a scam or a great investment today in our review.

What Is EMCoin?

EMCoin, found online at EMCoin.io, is a cryptocurrency investment scheme that claims to pay you ridiculously high returns with no hard work, skill, or risk required. Specifically, EMCoin will pay you 3% (!!!) returns per day just for locking your money into the platform.

How can EMCoin possibly generate returns of 3% per day? The company operates a “smart lending platform”. You deposit money into the platform, and the company lends money to people who need it.

Unfortunately, EMCoin provides no proof of its business model, nor does it publish any evidence of its transactions online. There’s nothing to suggest that EMCoin is a legitimate business opportunity, nor is there any proof that anyone has been paid close to 3% returns.

Nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at how EMCoin works.

How EMCoin Smart Crypto Lending Coin Works

EMCoin stands for “Emerging Market Coin”. The company chose that name because they plan to “invest successfully in emerging markets using revolutionary technology of the blockchain network.”

Basically, EMCoin’s team wants to help emerging markets by introducing them to the EMCoin investment scheme. People in emerging markets can buy EMCoin today at a price of $0.65, then earn millions of dollars with no risk whatsoever.

EMCoins are ERC20 tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain. There’s a total supply of 30 million tokens, although just 10 million tokens are being sold during the ICO.

Right now, EMCoin doesn’t have any products and services in place (despite the fact that the ICO is taking place until the end of January 2018). However, the lending platform is scheduled to launch in February 2018. No other major goals are listed on the company’s roadmap. It’s unclear if the company has any lending system in place or in active development.

EMCoin Investment Packages

EMCoin offers four different investment packages, all of which promise to pay ridiculously high interest rates:

  • $100 to $1000: 3% interest per day, capital unlocked after 299 days
  • $1001 to $5000: 3.15% interest per day, capital unlocked after 199 days
  • $5001 to $10,000: 3.25% interest per day, capital unlocked after 139 days
  • $10,001 to $100,000: 3.3% interest per day, capital unlocked after 99 days

While you’re waiting for your money to double or triple under the EMCoin investment scheme, the company will pay you enormous referral rates for referring people to the platform. You can earn 9% on level 1 referrals, for example, 3% on level 2, 2% on level 3, and 1% on levels 4 and 5.

When a company advertises a “lending system” combined with a pyramid scheme-style referral system, it’s a huge red flag you’re being scammed.


The EMCoin ICO is scheduled for December 21, 2017 to January 31, 2018.

The tokens are being sold at a price of $0.50, rising to $1 per token by the end of the sale.

If that price seems high to you, then consider that the company claims their tokens will be worth $450 by the end of 2018 and $650 by the end of 2019. The company provides no evidence supporting these absurd numbers.

Who’s Behind EMCoin?

In case it wasn’t already obvious, the lack of team information should tell you that EMCoin is a scam. The website and whitepaper feature no team information whatsoever. There’s no way to contact the company, and there’s no information about who’s handling your investments.

If someone is asking you to send money online for an “investment opportunity”, but refuses to disclose information about themselves, it’s a sign you’re probably being scammed.

EMCoin Conclusion

EMCoin has all of the classic signs of a scam. The company refuses to provide any transparency about its business model to prove that it’s not a Ponzi scheme or HYIP. There’s no evidence to suggest that EMCoins will be worth $450 by the end of 2018, nor is there any proof supporting the ridiculous 3% ROI per day investment returns.

For all of these reasons, EMCoin is one crypto investment scam you should absolutely avoid.

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  1. i waiting untill today for emcoin to be live but seem nothing there. is there any way to make a police report againts them because i was invest on this scheme thousand of dollars. trying to contact them no information at all. i have plan to send this group to interpol for investigation.

  2. Lol you are a fuckwit mate.. actually read the whitepaper and you will see they didnt specify a date in Feb for the platform to go live.. Cunts like you that spread FUD because they cant read..

  3. EMC is nothing but a scam they have ripped off tens of thousands of dollars from me and my associates we are in the move right now and getting very very close to finding who’s behind this and is set out to shoot them in the head and dump them in the river that is not a threat that is a promise we are very close watch out


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