Emercoin has been considered as a leader in the distributed blockchain service. They recently announced that they will design a totally new blockchain that will enable graduates to store and also share the verifiable diplomas and also other educational certificates on a very secure and encrypted app.

The company’s pilot project will first be developed for the Technology and Business University that is in Tbilisi, and from here it will be available for other schools. The University that opened in 2016 at the Silicon Valley Tbilisi will start offering students a new approach to learning, and this is all by placing this pilot project on the current Emercoin Blockchain.

Emercoin has been able to offer flexible and unique services through there innovative ranges of distributed services. The new system that has been developed will be able to address the global challenge that exists between businesses, educators, and also graduates to certify the online accuracy and even the authenticity of the credentials that are provided.

While at the outside of Georgia, because of the widespread manipulation and corruption that exists any online displays of credentials are being viewed as an unreliable proof of work. Additionally, most graduates might also face problems obtaining the proper credentials from colleges or just the school systems that have closed, or they could altogether refuse the legitimacy of their credentials.

Thus, this creates a problem for various professional audiences; this is including the job seekers, college admission offices, and even the several business recruits we have in place. But this is not all as this challenge also possesses as a risk to the general public, which often is not able to get proper certified credentials from lawyers, doctors and many other professionals in the market.

A Move In The Right Direction

Thus it is safe for us to say that the Emercoin is the truth as it is the new system that will be able to transform the way the education certificates are shared and even stored. Accordingly, this is an initiative that will attract various institutions as it is a solution to a worldwide problem.

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