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Many consumers are overspending by obligating themselves to monthly, or yearly memberships that never get used to their full potential. In fact, one out of five members quit going to the gym after the first month. By doing these users ​are wasting large sums of money by having recurring payments go to a facility ​that they are barely using. The wasted monthly fee does not account for the one time sign up fees, or cancellation fees that are often charged as well. Further even if one has a routine, if someone wants to incorporate different exercises, facilities​, or providers​, that takes commitment as well.

EmP, Everyone Makes Progress, allows users to find provides outside of their regular network. EmP wants to become the go-to ecosystem for the health and wellness industry.

What Is EmP Fitness?

EmP aims to reduce barriers to healthy lifestyle choices by providing an affordable program that eliminates the need to pay for and commit to long-term contracts at gyms, yoga studios, and other health and wellness establishments. By offering a one-stop shop with a simple pay-as-you-go app, they will change the way the health and wellness world operates.

EmP Fitness Everyone Makes Progress Cryptocurrency Coin Overview


“The Kettle”: Users​ can find Facilities​, Providers​ or Merchants ​to use their HAWCoins​. After going through the signup process by entering a username, password and wallet APN it will allow the Users to access their account that is linked to their wallet. The application will tie into google maps making it easy to find all partnered Facilities​ as well as providing GPS directions.


“HAWCoin”: Using the ERC20 ​tokens, they will be able to show their real case world relevance as they raise the capital to develop their own blockchain called The PHOENIX​. ​Capitalizing on the ICO ​sale will allow for them to expand their team of professionals, developers, and create a marketing campaign to build their user base.


“The Nest”: EmP’s vision of their wallet is one that will rival many other coins on the market today. They will be incorporating P2P ​(peer to peer) payment/escrow system for services rendered as well as up-to-date market prices and averages. The NEST​ wallet will be a multifaceted interface which provides several services to benefit both the Users​, Providers​ and the partnered Facilities​. The NEST​ will allow for secure digital payments.


“The Aviary”: Combining all of the elements of their system will drive The AVIARY​. The AVIARY​ will function as a community to combine the Users​, Providers​, and the Facilities​ in an environment where the Users​ can connect with services. Further, the Providers​ and Facilities​ will have the ability to connect with Users​ to drive business. The​ AVIARY​ will allow them to connect the national level partners in a very effective way as this will allow for seamless connection throughout their Facilities​.

EmP Fitness HAWCoin ICO Details

There will be a total of 650 million HAWCoin​ in the EmP​ ecosystem, but only 162.5 million will be allocated to the ICO ​sale. The following information outlines the allocation of coins and funds from the ICO​.

  • Company Reserve 33%
  • ICO Sale 25%
  • Loyalty Program 15%
  • Airdrop 10%
  • Founders 9%
  • Core Team 8%

The goal is to raise $25,000,000 which will allow us to build and grow the project. The Goal is to raise 5 million soft cap and 25 million hard cap.

EmP Fitness Conclusion

The fitness industry is booming across the world. EmP is sitting on an industry worth billions of dollars and is expanding exponentially. If the Aviary ecosystem is developed as well as its plan, the company is going to thrive.

Information about them is available on emp.fitness/index.html

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