What Is Emphy?

Emphy is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem that provides a fast and affordable way to rent real estate for short periods such as during vacations. Emphy will facilitate meetings between property owners and tenants where they can finalize on their short-term real estate rental contracts.

The platform seeks to expand the short-term lodging market while improving its security. It also aims at increasing the trust between users and therefore promote tourism within the countries and globally.

How Emphy Travel Lodging & Vacation Rental Blockchain Works

Emphy integrates smart contracts that provides the guiding rules for rental deals and ensures that both contracting parties comply with these rules. The ecosystem also uses blockchain technology that which together with the smart contracts provide a safe, fast, and cheap way to rent property for short terms.

Emphy enables property owners who have access to a smartphone and internet access to take pictures of the property and submit an advertisement about its availability. Once a tenant identifies the property that interests them, Emphy will help them negotiate and conclude a smart rental contract with property owner. It will also help the parties in making the payment transaction among them.

Emphy Virtual Tours Function

The ecosystem also has a virtual tours function that creates colorful and attractive panoramic pictures at 180 and 360 degrees. This function allows travellers to have a full view of the physical appearance of where they intend to stop. The better visibility results in an improved relationship between the property owner and the guest.

It also increases transparency as the tenants can view the full state of the property, as the property owners cannot hide the property’s defects. The panoramic pictures will also enable millions of worldwide tourists to discover new destinations of the world and organize future tours from their home countries.

The EmphyCoin is the utility coin that operates the ecosystem. Tenants pay the agreed amount of the EmphyCoin for the lease to owner’s temporary wallet. The contract is concluded after the transaction is confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain. The owner can then exchange the EmphyCoin they have received for BTC, ETH or fiat money.

Emphy Benefits

Low Fees:

The platform will charge property owners and tenants lower commission of 4% for its services compared to what other similar platforms offering the same services charge.

Incentive System:

Emphy will offer bonuses to hosts and guests for participating on the platform. The bonus will be in form of EmphyCoins that users can use to pay for their future travels.

The ratings will attract more guests for the property will increases their occupancy levels and earns them more money.

Automated Identity Verification:

The ecosystem has an automatic ID confirmation system that utilizes face recognition technology to confirm the identity of the hosts.

Secure Increased security measures increase the level of trust and loyalty between the hosts and the guest.in this regard, the ecosystem has a QR code system that allows hosts to confirm that the user who made the booking is the one checking in.

Emphy EPY Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: EmphyCoin(EPY)
  • Token protocol: ERC 20
  • Exchange rate: 1 EPY = $0,10
  • Total EPY: 15,375,000
  • Hard cap: $1,000,000
  • Accepted forms of payment: BTC & ETH

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