Empire Investment Report: Legit Money-Making Financial Research Primer Strategy?

The whole of the Empire Investment Primer project comes from Whitney Tilson’s decision to set up a hedge fund with $1 million in funding from his family and friends. The story unfolds by telling how Tilson has become “one of the best-known and most connected men on Wall Street,” along with becoming “a regular on CNBC” and being featured in profiles in multiple financial publications.

With Empire Investment report, Tilson gives access to information about how other people can earn money by describing his own path to it. In the online advertisement, the product is described within an interview, during which time Tilson speaks on the mistakes that he has made, showing that he is far from perfect. He told the interviewer that the key to succeeding in investments is to make smart decisions while knowing the big mistakes that can be made. He brings up how he pitched Netflix to CNBC when the price was incredibly low, but he formerly bet against the company.

Much of the advertisement appears to be an extensive list of interactions that Tilson has had with different people in the industry. He speaks highly of both Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger, whom he speaks with on a semi-regular basis. To add to his comments about Netflix and his former decision not to invest, he said he was in a similar predicament with McDonald's, which he did not believe in at the beginning. Instead, he waited for the brand to evolve after hearing such good things about it.

The content includes:

  • Recommendations for the best portfolio.
  • How much money could potentially be made?

An Opportunity

In Tilson’s opinion, this new chance is the “biggest new opportunity of 2019,” saying that his new plan for consumers comes from a “much better idea” that it made for everyone. The program is basically a collection of connections, which the interviewer points out could be used for personal gain instead.

Tilson explains that the effort is part of his new business that will cater to everyday investors and will give major advantages to this group in the process. Users will have the ability to learn about the investment strategy that Tilson has taken on, which will help them to implement the same kind of program on their own. No experience is required to make the process work for anyone that follows along. The information will also include ways to stay away from the troubles that he has faced instead.

In the launch of this program, Tilson adds that he’s been making The Empire Investment Report available to the buyers, which will be the only place that he provides all of the recommendations, predictions, and other warnings that the public needs to know to survive the industry.

Short Term Trading Strategies

As the discussion turns to the type of strategy, the interviewer mentions short-term trading. Tilman explains that, of everything that he has already described, there is still “ONE THING I’ve learned,” mentioning his two Harvard degrees, passing the Series 65 licensing exam, and the books that he has co-authored.

Out of all of these things that he’s done, he explains that there are only about a dozen stocks that someone needs to hold to actually make the money that they want and need. He advises the interviewer to avoid options and day-trading, explaining that they are unnecessary.

Small Investments With Ongoing Rewards

His program is not going to include big risks to attempt to gain some reward. Instead, Tilman focuses on having the information that will best meet the needs of users. The interviewer quotes a former statement from Bloomberg, which said that Tilman’s mutual fund was the “top-performing mutual fund of its kind in the United States,” back in 2006. Tilman commented that over half of the value of the hedge fund was once reduced down to just six stocks.

By holding too many stocks at once, Tilman believes that this is a telltale sign that the investor is not fully informed about anything that they are doing, and there are plenty of ways that users will ultimately end up paying. Instead, the research service that he is making available will give users new recommendations on a monthly basis, though users will always know what the favorite investment is for Tilman at that particular moment. The recommendations will be listed in a “top 12” style list.

Tilman explains that most people are okay with stocks from Google and Berkshire Hathaway. However, that is not the main idea of Empire Investment Primer. Instead, consumers will be learning about small and midcaps. If there are no stocks that Tilman believes in that month, he simply will not recommend them.

Hopefully, consumers will be realistic about this investment opportunity, because there is no real investment to come without some kind of risk. Instead, Tilman says that he intends to lead the consumer on a path

“without too much risk.”

Gaining Access To Empire Investment Primer

As with most of these kinds of offers, there are certain limitations with the sale that is in place. Right now, consumers can order the product for 40% off the typical price, making the full price $3,000. Without the discount, users will pay $5,000 for a year of access, which is supposedly a small fraction of what the user stands to gain.

Making the initial payment automatically enrolls the user in an annual membership, so the same $3,000 fee will be incurred at the end of the 12th month. To stop this charge from being applied, the user will need to cancel at least one day before the renewal date.

If the user is unhappy with the product for any reason, then they can get a refund within 30 days of the purchase.

Included With Purchase

When consumers make the purchase, one of the biggest benefits is the access that the buyer will have to a conference call between the creators and one of his colleagues. Users will also have new recommendations every month.

Contacting The Creators

Consumers that want to learn more details about the products available with this membership, or that want a refund, will be able to call the customer service team at 1-800-668-7136. To communicate electronically, customers can also send an email instead to [email protected]

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