EMU is a new blockchain based mobile service app, currently in development, that aims to provide native language support for individuals eating at restaurants in different countries where they do not speak the local language. The company is launching an ICO to crowdfund development of this mobile app.

The Company

EMU was founded by a trio of Ukrainian-based entrepreneurs – Vadim Lomakin, Andrey Seregin, and Alex Yanovskiy. There’s little information about these three individuals; while they all have LinkedIn profiles, they’re decidedly sparse or not in English, making it difficult to determine their qualifications, education, or experience.

To its credit, EMU’s website lists the rest of its development team as well, from executive sales managers down to developers, and the majority of the team has LinkedIn profiles as well. Unfortunately, the team is almost 100% Ukrainian, making it impossible to learn much unless you can read Cyrillic.

About EMU

The EMU mobile service app, once it is developed, will be designed to make language barriers a thing of the past when it comes to dining in foreign countries. The premise of the app is to make it possible to peruse the menu of a particular restaurant in your own native language, place orders, monitor how long it will take for your food to be delivered to your table, and then also pay for your meal using cryptocurrency.

In order to develop this app, EMU is launching an ICO. Pre-sale began on December 1 2017 and runs until December 31 2017; the full ICO launches February 1 2018 and runs until March 15 2018.

Price per token is $0.05 per 1 EMU. A price discount of 5% is in place for the entire pre-sale and for the first 10 days of the full ICO.

The Opportunity

The EMU ICO provides an opportunity to invest in the platform before it goes live, and then benefit from having EMU tokens to spend in the app if it ever becomes functional.

Additionally, the opportunity for speculative growth of any sizeable investment is also a possibility, but this depends heavily on a number of different factors such as whether EMU is developed successfully and whether it becomes a viable service.

The EMU Verdict

We really don’t have high hopes for EMU as a mobile service app. While its goal is a positive one – eliminating language barriers for travelers who wish to dine in restaurants in foreign lands – the scope of such an app is so focused and narrow as to make us feel that its user base will simply not be broad enough to support the overall ecosystem.

We have some concerns about the mechanics of the app itself. Regardless of the need for individual restaurants to participate as a partner in this app in order to provide translated versions of its menu, the system would have to be able to integrate with restaurant ordering and point-of-sale systems in order to place orders and then pay for these orders. This is no small task, considering how there’s little standardization when it comes to restaurant payment and order processing.

Additionally, the app has plans for some outlandish features, such as being able to monitor the progress of your meal as it’s being cooked, both through a timer and visually showing the progress of your order being prepared in the kitchen. This is preposterously impractical any which way you look at it, as there are too many variables when it comes to preparing food to have exact timelines. Meanwhile, the idea of having a camera trained on the kitchen is equally preposterous.

We also have concerns with the experience of the development team. With little to show as far as verifiable information on past projects, we don’t know if the dev team has the chops to pull off developing EMU successfully. This issue, plus the others we’ve pointed out, lead us to believe that EMU is unlikely to be a good investment choice.

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