What Is Emyron Coin?

The EMYRON coin a decentralized, self-regulated and secure virtual currency and digital payment platform. The unselective network allows anybody to invest and store their digital assets in an unregulated currency while earning interests through trade. Principally, the EMYRON ecosystem leverages blockchain technology to promote the banking culture and lay the foundation for new financial tools for populations that were hitherto neglected and/or underserved by conventional banking institutions.

EMY offers a significantly affordable alternative to traditional banks since it eliminates intermediaries as well as the overhead charges levied on transactions. Ultimately EMYRON intends to become a leading cryptocurrency and completely revolutionize the banking sector.

The Emyron Ecosystem

EMY is the principle currency of the EMYRON ecosystem. By owning the EMY utility token, members can make money through several ways such as lending, staking, trading, mining, and the affiliate program.


Members can easily access the EMYRON lending platform from their personal EMY dashboard. This investment plan leverages the capabilities of the EMYRON arbitrage bot. upon investing, users receive profits on a daily basis, depending on the investment package of their choice. Once the investment period expires, the investor gets back their initial principal, which they can either withdraw or reinvest to the lending platform. Notably, the interest rates vary as per the fluctuation values of the EMY coin.


The EMYROIN blockchain uses the proof-of-stake consensus to ensure network security. In this protocol, the user’s ownership determines how much blocks they can mine and the number of transactions they can validate. Therefore, the more EMY an individual has, the higher the profit they make. Other advantages of PoS include efficiency, no electricity expenses and a quiet working environment. The minimum staking age is set at 15 days while the maximum is 60 days.


Similar to bitcoin, EMY also use Proof-of-Work algorithms within its blockchain network. On the other hand, EMY uses ERC20 protocol to govern its PoW since it is secure, effective and eco-friendly as compared to bitcoin’s methods.

Affiliate Program

After the successful completion of the ICO, EMYRON intends to inaugurate an affiliate program. Members will earn commission using a tiered hierarchy. The rates will range from 1-4%.

Emyron EMY Token ICO Detals

The EMY utility is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is therefore ERC20 compliant. The total supply of EMY tokens is capped at 25,000,000. Out of these, 7,000,000 will be sold in the ICO, with each round receiving a maximum of 1,500,000 EMY. The ICO was scheduled to start in March 2018. The remaining tokens will be distributed to the mining pool and development team. During the crowdsale, the acceptable virtual currencies are BTC, BCH and ETH.

Emyron Roadmap

The concept of EMYRON was first implemented in December 2017. After the ICO, the project will initiate the lending platform. This will be closely followed by the development of an EMY wallet as well as an internal cryptocurrency exchange. Later on, EMYRON will develop a smartphone app and embark on an aggressive market campaign. The current strategic plan cycle is expected to culminate in the release of EMYRON’s API and convention of a first global event.

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