Today, the biggest market in the whole world is the content sector. All the platforms that you interact with every day, whether it is social media network works like Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook, video and music streaming platforms, as well as knowledge-based platforms are all referred to as content platforms. All these content platforms are currently operated in a centralized standardized way. Endorsit aims to create a distributed underlying network that is capable of organizing and distributing the content more efficiently than what is currently available.

About Endorsit ICO

People who create, read, distribute, like or simply interact with content are all important contributors in the Endorsit ecosystem. This new crypto firm believes that it is the end users that make any platform valuable. However, in the current setup, users are not being rewarded properly. Simply put, once a user creates great content in a certain platform, it is the platform itself that will benefit from it, particularly through ads.

Endorsit has taken a completely different approach to how contribution and distribution of rewards should be done. The firm believes that each user makes a unique contribution and thus should be given platform shares. Other notable problems that Endorsit plans to solve with its 2.0 web version is piracy issues, removing ads, eliminating high fees for creators and providing transparency in rewards and royalties.

How Does Endorsit Work?

Endorsit is designed to be an all-inclusive content ecosystem that will cover nearly all types of platforms and content possible. Whether it is through Endorsit Dapp, WeChat Accounts, Browsers or the Endorsit Chain, there is no limit to how content within this ecosystem can be presented. Most importantly, in this ecosystem, the value of every content is distributed and circulated via blockchain, thus the payment medium on all Endorsit apps will be EDC and EDS. The company plans on using these two unique tokens as the foundation to run this billion-dollar market.

The scale of Endorsit as a content platform is simply infinity. It would be larger than all knowledge, gaming and entertainment platforms combined together. It will be like a brand-new internet where you could find all kinds of diverse content, ranging from blog posts and e-books to online courses, video streaming sites and even social media networks. In short, Endorsit will become the hub that hosts all web contents available today.

Value-Based Token

The EDS is the main token that will be used in the whole Endorsit system, that is for all Endorsit apps and other contents within the distributed blockchain ecosystem. Meanwhile, the EDC will act as the anchor currency that can be later exchanged into EDS.

Endorsit plans to ensure that content creators get the maximum profits from whichever content they produce. For example, in the current book industry, authors are being swindled out of their hard-earned royalties by their publishers. In contrast, Endorsit enables each creator to use a range of smart contracts to share their earnings with whoever else helped them to make special contributions to that content.

Final Thoughts

With Endorsit, content creators become share owners of the platform. Influencers will be able to earn more money as they continue to deliver value to the community. In closing, Endorsit is a rich content ecosystem and one ICO worth an extra look.

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