Energon cryptocurrency is one of the new cryptocurrencies in the market. It was introduced to the cryptocurrency market to realize some of the unique qualities cryptocurrencies are supposed to have because apparently, some older digital currencies have lost some control over things like privacy and security of investors. One of the major draws to cryptocurrency is its decentralized nature that was able to cut out the centralization and control of banks and government agencies over people’s funds and financial transactions and the privacy despite the publicity of transaction.


Energon cryptocurrency is a digital cash project by a team of developers and finance experts that promises to provide more privacy and security of funds than other cryptocurrencies in the market. The developing team behind the Energon cryptocurrency are its founder, marketing director, programmer and Banker. Energon is a decentralized digital currency platform built for modern financial payments to make them anonymous by using zk-SNARKs technology in order to keep the identity of the investors and the amount involved in the transaction discreet.


Energon started an initial coin offering on the first of March 2018 with an initial fiat price equivalence of $0.75, the initial coin offering is done through a crowded sale offering 50 million tokens out of its 2 billion token reserves. However, in the time the purchasing price for Energon in the ICO will be increased according to demand, which means the cheapest offering will be witnessed at the beginning of the ICO and is expected to become more expensive in time, purchasing Energon at the ICO is possible with fiat currency and some other crypto coin like

The funds raised from the initial coin offering sale is intended to be used to develop the Energon digital currency software for the crypto exchange. The crypto exchange will work with offshore banks to control the funds for this development and to purchase the appropriate equipment required to set up the mining center. This ICO is to last from third of March 2018 up till thirtieth of December 2018.

ENERGON Anonymous Cryptocurrency Payment System Plans

The future plan of Energon developers is that investors who participate in the initial coin offering can use their Energon holdings to purchase mining power is that they can be a part the miners in the exchange platform. Initial investors in this initial coin offering can also use their Energon holding to mine some other cryptocurrencies which will, in turn, increase the power of mining. Subsequently, these ICO investors who had purchased this mining power of Energon will benefit from a discount in price compared to those that will be purchasing in other currencies. The Energon mining center will have a test prelaunch of 100 investors on 30 August 2018 prior to a public launch on 1 October 2018.

ENERGON Conclusion

In general Energon, cryptocurrency is intended to provide privacy, security and financial independence through protecting details of financial transactions and identity to be carried out on its decentralized platform where mining and growing of Energon token holdings is possible.


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