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At a period when no fad seems sensible than investing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market, any opportunity is only worth if it is safe and lucrative enough to offer realistic returns. That means you shouldn’t be quick in embracing Ponzi schemes and other get-rich-quick schemes packaged as trustworthy investments. The whole world of crypto is swelling with scammers, crypto fraudsters and fictitious exchanges and ICOs, which is quite unfortunate.

If you would like to invest in Exchanges, be sure to do your damn homework before taking the plunge. And if you’re considering investing in ENET Network (https://enet.network/), you are lucky this review will serve as an eye-opener and key to making an informed decision.

What Is ENET.Network?

It is a blockchain-based startup, made explicitly for the ardent cryptocurrency traders. This platform is built to offer everything a user would need to buy, sell, invest or trade in the virtual currencies. It isn’t a surprise, therefore, why it is termed a “Decentralized and Disruptive Marketplace.”

One of the notable hallmarks of this burgeoning platform is the blockchain technology leveraged in its creation. As you probably know, being a blockchain-based exchange, ENET Network will guarantee fast, safe and transparent transactions for all of its participants. It will be hacker-proof too, a plus given the excessive losses due to DDoS attacks, phishing and malware attack current ravaging the industry.

How ENET Network Works

First, a person will have to register as a buyer or seller so that he can be part of the ecosystem. The platform is open-source and decentralized with a P2P network, and all transactions are protected and anonymous, factors that will ensure its users are protected. It is based on Ethereum blockchain, an element that enables the creation of smart contracts and the acceptance of ERC-20 tokens.

In A Nutshell, Its Features Include:

  • It is open-source: it is still a work in progress, and that means you can still be part of its development. Fundamentally, you can review, comment or propose updates that would help enhance the exchange.
  • All transactions remain anonymous: payments and transactions are encrypted to stay private and entirely hidden from the access of malicious individuals.
  • It is decentralized: it leverages the convenient peer to peer network, which just means it is transparent and safe as an exchange.
  • Safe and fast: the blockchain technology employed in its development makes it a secure exchange. It also processes payments and transactions at supersonic speed.

How You Can Invest In This Exchange’s ICO – ENET Token Sale

ENET tokens will power up the ecosystem, and their value will dwell on the forces of demand and supply. However, to own these tokens, you will have to participate in the ICO.

As per the details available on the ENET Network website and on the Whitepaper, purchase of ENET tokes is possible if you have ETH, BTC or fiat currency (USD). You can’t, however, send ETH directly from exchanges.

  • Token symbol: ENET
  • A token = $0.01
  • More details available on the Whitepaper

ENET Network Conclusion

Given that it has a credible and realistic investment idea and it’s a project by a modest team of developer’s we’ve got little doubt ENET is safe to invest. In our opinion, however, it might seem a lackluster investment as the exchange has no fancy features. You can give it a shot!

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