EnGameChain Review: Making Online Gambling Less Of A Gamble Through The Blockchain

Despite the over hyping we often witness with blockchain, the technology holds substantial promise in building the element of trust within the online gambling sector. The integration of blockchain technology brings a whole new benefit for the parties through a verifiable and permanent record of the transaction.

What Is EnGameChain?

EnGameChain is one gambling platform using this technology to provide a new level of transparency at the transaction level of online gambling. The concept of their platform will assure players of the processing of their gambling transactions and whether the results are fair. Here the focus of the blockchain concept behind EnGameChain

How EnGameChain Works

EnGameChain is an Ethereum-based gambling platform that focuses on ensuring a composed ecosystem of online gambling based on fairness, safety and convenience of the games. The use of blockchain expends the essential concept of trustless gaming by providing an open source gambling and token system. The free application platform will work under the following theories:

  • Openness- EnGameChain will ensure gambling App developers get revenue through incentives earned from the competitive and fair marketplace
  • Fairness- EnGameChain's gambling system works on a random and secure protocol to ensure complete integrity and transparency from manipulation
  • Impartial payment- the flexible design with EnGameChain builds on an automatic and verifiable payment system for the gambling winners.
  • Source code availability- EnGameChain provide for their gambling protocol source-code to allow for fundamental scrutiny by players

EnGameChain Features

  • EGC Main Chain Framework- as the core of the platform, this will act as the foundation for the data layer and miner system
  • API Application platform- a point of application access to the functional modules of EnGameChain
  • EGC Bank Module- the settlement module for gambling transactions and operational inquiry
  • Fair-Game SDK- works as the anti-cheating mechanism for the online games such as Hold' em Poker
  • Token Issue Module- facilitates synchronization of token use in the applications, games, and terminals
  • Token Office Terminal- provides for the online/offline control of token exchanging and trading options

How EnGameChain Ranks

The use of blockchain technology set for online gambling could assist in the realization of the following advantages:

Decentralized Trust System-

EnGameChain provides for a transparent gambling system form the placing of bets till the cash payout. The structure will provide for trust between online gambling casino players and bankers.

Operating Convenience-

All of EnGameChain's operations from the bookkeeping, settlement, exchange and management work on the efficiency of blockchain to avoid downtimes.

An Efficient Entry And Exit Mechanism-

Gamblers can access the central chain platform, deploy and issue tokens in a fast and seamless manner.

EnGameChain EGC ICO Token Details

ICO Start Date– 1 May 2018 – ICO End Date- 31 May 2018

  • Token Ticker: EGC
  • Price rate- 0.001 ETH= 1,600 EGC
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC
  • Hard Cap- 20, 000 ETH
  • Soft cap- 13,000 ETH
  • Minimum investment- 1 ETH

EnGameChain Conclusion

The fact that blockchain technology could put to rest the uncertainty of gamblers to rest is a matter open to discussion. Platforms such as EnGameChain are the real sample of just how blockchain could put to an end the constant swindling in online gambling games. Under their ecosystem, the scalability, proven fairness, and security of blockchain is a sure gain to provide a fair and functional gambling market.

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