Blockchain technology has revolutionized many industries, be it financial, supply chain, creative, energy or security. It is being adopted worldwide at a rapid pace for its advantages in security, trust and speed. However, there are still gaps in the traditional blockchain infrastructure which requires to be fulfilled.

The Eniac Network emerged from discussions between members of the team as a way to intervene where blockchain technology cannot find a solution to the privacy and safety problems presented in cryptocurrencies.

What Is Eniac Network?

With the name derived from humanity’s first computer, Eniac Network is a decentralized privacy coin based on blockchain technology. Their primary objective is to implement a fingerprint and facial recognition system that will add another layer of security on top of the existing security provided by traditional blockchain mechanism.

The encrypted fingerprint and facial recognition data on the blockchain will function exactly like a private key system.

Their mobile wallet for iOS and Android is soon to be launched.

Eniac Network Facial Recognition Blockchain Data Solutions

Eniac is determined to find solutions to a number of problems plaguing the blockchain system, including privacy, wallet security and smart contracts.

Wallet Security:

Private keys are essentially secure, however, it’s the storing and activation of a private key that can be vulnerable to attacks. News about hacking cold storage wallets, operating systems and computer malwares have overwhelmed the news recently. They offer a 2-stage blockchain based private key system. The first stage of this system will incorporate passwords based on the 16-32 character non relatable methodology. For the second stage, users will have their fingerprint or facial biometrics stored on the blockchain.

Smart Contracts:

They are striving to develop a stable and secure smart contract that is free of quintessential vulnerabilities and errors found in other crypto products. They have a dedicated team of coders who are tasked with the undertaking of zero faults in the token implementation.


As Eniac’s team values security as the highest level, the privacy which comes in stock cryptocurrency package doesn’t impress them. They are enrolling a mobile wallet platform that is not only easy to use but also will host some of the strongest security features available.

Eniac Network ENC Tokens ICO Details

Maximum supply will be 50 million token. Soft cap is a moderate $800,000 USD while the hard cap from the ICO is $5,100,000 USD. Hard cap of presale is $1,200.000. Individuals can make a minimum purchase of 0.1 ETH and a maximum of 100 ETH. 1 ENC token will cost $0.175 USD which will not have any bonus.

80% of the tokens will be allocated for the token sale, 10% to the team that has developed the platform, 5% for legal fees, 3% is the airdrop and 2% is for their bounty program.

Unlike many of the companies doing their ICOs, they have not allocated a significant amount of tokens for themselves. The Pre ICO will be on April 21st which will last for 30 days to collect funds from their strategic partners while their ICO will last start on July 21st and will last for another 30 days.

Eniac Network Conclusion

The goal of the Eniac Network is to find a solution and platform in which users can feel confident with when storing and transferring their data.

You can find out more about this project and its token on their website .

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