The rise of the blockchain technology is helping companies to develop creative new models of business which solve problems that people have long faced. Today we will review a company which is an example of this. Enkidu, our subject for this review, is a platform focused on online collaboration.

What Is Enkidu?

Enkidu is a decentralized global collaboration platform made and structured using the blockchain technology. It promises to solve the problems of collaboration by using techniques like team and payment splitting, which the company promises that it will revolutionize the way that companies work.

The problem that Enkidu is solving is that, as the company states, the current online collaboration model is completely broken. While people are open to help other and to give their time to work on small collaborative projects, trust and access are factors which are currently limiting this collaboration to reach its potential.

Even setting up a joint venture company is very expensive and it can be confusing if the people involved are in more than a single country, especially when the projects are small. This causes many conflicts and payments are prone to mistakes and lack of trust. Because of all these issues, the company believes, this industry is having such a hard time to develop solutions.

This is why this company has decided to create what it calls a “brand new way to build a digital business” by using the blockchain technology to create a trustless teamwork environment. In an environment like this you do not to necessarily trust the other people because mechanisms of the blockchain technology solve the trust issues.

How Enkidu Decentralized Collaboration With Blockchain DLT Works

Basically, by using Enkidu, you will be able to create your digital team with individuals from anywhere in the world and of any profession and then you can work together using the Ethereum blockchain to ensure that everybody will really be paid for their effort.

The digital contracts will be “companyless”, instead they will be smart contracts. The main difference is that they will not be managed by a single person or a company, but by the blockchain instead. This means that every transaction will be automatic, so there will be no mistakes as the blockchain is taking care of everything.

Using proprietary “resolutions”, Enkidu ensures that a voting system manages the resolution of the companies and the majority always win. Using this democratic system, the company automates payments and how the company works.

Enkidu also uses a smart vesting system to divide the shares of the money depending on how much people are working. If you work for more hours, you will be paid more money and if you do not work, you will not be paid. This ensures that every person receives its share.

The company also has other features like domain escrows, branch commissions and investment bots. These enable the users to share a domain and keep it safe until the project is over, share their money o use it to invest and earn more.

Enkidu ENK ICO Details

If Enkidu interested you, you will be able to invest in this company during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The pre-sale begins on March 5 and it lasts until March 19. The main sale will begin on April 4 and it lasts until May 4. The soft cap of the $5 million USD and the hard cap is $30 million USD.

To participate in the pre-sale you will have to spend at least 3 ETH or 0.1 ETH in the main sale. You can use ETH and BTC to pay for the Enkidu tokens. The price of the tokens will be divulged later, so follow our blog if you want to know all the updates for Enkidu and many other companies.

Enkidu Verdict

Is Enkidu a good investment for you? Maybe. If you are interested in what this company has to offer and you want to, in fact, use it, then it can be a great idea to invest in Enkidu because this really looks like a professional platform which has the potential to help you a lot in your work and to enable you to reach a deeper and more sustainable model of online cooperation.

On the other hand, if your only interest in Enkidu is to get a return on investment for the money that you invested, then Enkidu can certainly be a good choice for you because it looks like it can be a successful investment. It might not be as good as if you decided to use the platform, but it looks like it will be still good.

We recommend you to invest in this company if you are interested in Enkidu. This can definitely be a very interesting investment for you and the only reason not to invest in this company is if you already have another interesting invest in your mind.

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