What Is Enminent?

The EMINENT Token is a cryptocurrency that fuels the Beepbeep Nation app, to provide for user solutions to solve potential daily tasks. The Beepbeep nation mobile app facilitates a seamless connection between users and potential helpers who can assist them in any work that is urgently required. Overall the mobile app provides a solution that uses blockchain to offer a cashless payment system that s not only secure but also convenient for the users.

Enminent Background

The EMINENT Token is a utility token that is necessary for the users to access the Beepbeep Nation app and get the urgent help they need. With our existing system, a helping economy lacks the trust and security necessary to facilitate the whole process. Beepbeep Nation works to solve this problem by utilizing blockchain technology to render and request for the help they need. This will become a significant step in the opposite direction of using social media apps to interact with the smartphone.

How Enminent Beepbeep Nation Cryptocurrency App Works

The Beepbeep Nation mobile app will facilitate a connection between the person requesting for help (requestor) and the person who seeks to provide the necessary support (helper). Depending on the freshest information, and specific locations, users will get helpers with regards to their tasks and essential helpers willing to help.

The requestor can opt to reward the helper after a successful task with a Gratitude Tip if they feel the help rendered was appropriate. However, the reward is not a necessary action, and the requestor can fail to offer it. Still, the BeepBeep Nation does not partake in the user's agreements and each contract between the requestors and helpers is independent

Enminent BenefitS

The goal to promote and encourage a helping economy could see a growth in EMINENT Token holders. Consequently, potential users could experience the following gains

Referral Program

First-time users get rewarded with free credits for the sign-up and additional credits for each new user they introduce.

Reward Schemes

Verified and top-tier users get rewards in the form of EMN Coins regularly depending on the number of requests they have sent out or respond to on the platform

Conflict Resolution

With the potential for disputes, BeepBeep Nation app will delegate the dispute resolution on a random selection of users who have high ratings and verified statuses


The Subscriptions to receive beeps around your area start at a low rate per month with users getting the option of 3 other location.

Classified Ads

Customize your ads and get to sell your items to your locale.

Enminent EMN Token ICO Details

  • PRE ICO –  27th June 2018 – 4TH July, 2018
  • ICO – 4th July 2018 – 35th July 2018

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token- symbol- EMN
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • SALE PRICE- $ 0.25 per EMN
  • TOTAL SUPPLY- 156,250,000 EMN (Inclusive of bonus tokens)
  • TOKENS FOR SALE- 112,228,260 EMN
  • HARD CAP- $31,250,000.00

Enminent Conclusion

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology proves to have great potential, and this is evident from the concept with Beepbeep Nation App and their EMINENT Token. Overall, the app could present a new wave of enthusiasm within the helping economy scene. While the idea does remain interesting, it will require brave effort to make an impact indeed.

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