Entersoft is an award-winning application security, a service provider that is mainly focusing on the proactive security with the help of the a top designed system. The company has put in place service offerings that have gotten them fully established on the market. Currently, the company is working with over 300 customers, in Blockchain, IoT, FinTech, the Healthcare, and BFSI.

The company focuses on helping their customers in achieving a high application security and installing proactive app security culture, this is in the developer’s DNA.

In the year 2017 startups in the blockchain technology lost about USD 760 million just in ICO hacks. Most of the hacks that take place usually happen due to Lack of proper security and Phishing hacks, this is around the token sales websites.

The company is able to ensure that ICO launch securely and help build a secure platform on your website. Many investors who get into the blockchain market tend to think it is super safe and untouchable. Yes, the technology is very secure but have you thought of the products you are offering and your wallet that is built on top of this technology, this is where the hackers can take advantage.

Most Of The Challenges That Are Faced By The Blockchain Companies

The first one being the Phishing scams. About 100% of the large and medium ICO's tend to fall prey to these scams. The hackers will impersonate your site through a fake URL, and even artificial social media accounts so that they are able to steal money from your potential investors. To date, over USD 400 billion has already been lost to these scams, and this number will keep rising if proper systems are not put in place.

Entersoft is able to help you with 360-degree protection from these scams.

Security on your token sale website is essential. It has been found that over 40% of the token sales websites around have been hacked at least once since their inception. The hackers would attack these sites during the ICO sale; this is where they are able to steal a good number of your precious coins. Most of the ICO's tend to use WordPress or merely outsource the service to third parties who are able to build the required token site.

As a result, this makes token sales site an easy prey for the hackers that are scavenging the internet.

A proper smart security contract is essential when getting into the crypto market. A smart contract code is usually released through the GitHub just before the token sale. The hackers would steal the cryptocurrencies by merely exploiting the flaws that are present in the code of the smart contract. A classic example is the DAO.

But this is not something to worry about when the Entersoft company is around as they are able to audit your smart contracts and ensure they are robust to the current attacks taking place on the internet. It has been found that over USD350 million has already been stolen by the various hackers around, by simply exploiting the bugs that are in the Smart Contract code.

What The Company Will Offer You

The company has several features that you will be able to enjoy; these are just some of the ones you should look out for.

They will do an audit on your token sale website. It is time that you stopped the hackers from taking over the misconfigured ICO domain or even the subdomains. As they use these sections to redirect your potential investors to the hacker-controlled web application they have developed.

Making it very important to ensure you have secured your token sale website.

There is an anti-phishing. The company will help you monitor, detect and take down any existing scams. They have 100% takedown rate and an average downtime of about two hours. The company has been able to take down over 500 fake URLs and about over 100 fake social media accounts.

So you are assured they know what they are doing when it comes to offering the best security system for you.

There is a continuous smart contract audit. The company ensures they audit every single line of the code to ensure your smart contract is secure. They will also go ahead and review your AML process and KYC. They check for the quality and security of the code you have put in place.

Entersoft can help build a secure wallet and API before token sales begin. The company has been able to help over five cryptocurrency exchanges across the world to ensure their platforms are stable, so for sure they have the needed skills to help build the best system for you.


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