Entreprise Version of Qtum, Unita, Officially Launches Blockchain for Business Solution

Enterprise Version of Qtum, Unita, Officially Launches Blockchain for Business Solution

According to news platform, Globe Newswire, open source, public blockchain, Qtum has officially launched an enterprise version dubbed, Unita.

As per the description provided by the firm, Unita is based on the alliance chain, and combines a one-stop blockchain enterprise service that contains cross-chain transaction/ trading, data management and developer tools within one click (closest possible Chinese to English translation).

In addition, Unita supposedly has a speed of 10,000 transactions per second, which is supposedly a record for a business-based platform. The news outlet argued that the reason for launching Unita is merely to help with adoption, as many businesses struggle to transition from one technological use to another.

In particular, the enterprise version of Qtum resolves common issues such as “consumer data regulations and verification.” One aspect that has been highlighted in regard to Unita, is its scalable consensus algorithm, SCAR, which supposedly contributes towards, “substantial amounts of disk space, bandwidth and other network resources.”

The Chief Information Officer of Qtum Foundation, Miguel Palencia has since expressed reasons why businesses hesitate to adopt to rising technologies and how Qtum has come up with a solution that bridges the gaps in adoption. More specifically, he trusts the following:

“Speed and customization are two of the main barriers for enterprises looking to adopt to blockchain […] By bridging the novel, SCAR with smart contract technology and tools familiar to developers, we strive to make blockchain accessible for enterprises.”

The fact that modifications can be made is a plus when it comes to Unita, as this implies that despite having to adopt to a new technology, businesses can potentially come across procedures or features that they are accustom to.

At the time of publishing, the cryptocurrency token QTUM has a coin market cap of $221.80 billion and a price of $2.48 on $142 million in trading volume the past 24 hours.

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