What Is Entry?

Entry is a blockchain-based global platform with the objective of creating financial freedom worldwide through restructuring of the banking and blockchain solutions in the cryptocurrency world. It acts as a bank where individuals could easily make deposits of cryptocurrencies. It also offers lending and payment services, cross-border payments, and cryptocurrency exchanges for consumers around the world. Entry aims at integrating the use of cryptocurrencies in the day-to-day transactions, which citizens carry out, to increase the flow of cryptocurrency in the economy.

Entry Crypto Exchange & Blockchain Bank Network Services

The entry platform offers six main services as follows:


This is a gateway for cryptocurrency and fiat payments for e-shops, which is easily accessible through the mobile and web versions. It enables users with personal or business accounts to withdraw, deposit, store, and transfer fiat and cryptocurrency. Merchants can also use the platform for easy conversions, which will enable sale of their products or services. This means that merchants can trade in their currency while enabling the buyers to purchase the products using cryptocurrency. This conversion process ensures liquidity on the platform.


The platform has a centralized peer-to-peer service, which enables ultrafast and instant cryptocurrency exchange


This is a virtual ATM, which will enable users to withdraw from their digital entry wallet. Users can also transfer, cash out, or top with cash through agents or cash machines. In the initial years of the company, it will provide free debit cards, free fiat-to-fiat transfers, and exchanges. It will also offer low rates to its merchants who use the payment gateway in order to incentivize them.


This is a digital bank that uses the blockchain technology to provide traditional banking services such as deposits, payments, insurance, investment, lending, and factoring.


The entry network is equipped with an open source code, wallet, custom blockchain, smart contract, and a custom token creation platform, which enable the partners to build further financial products and services. The structure of the network ensures scalability and flexibility.


The platform uses a utility token and ERC-20 based smart contract. The entry token will be the medium of exchange on the platform and thus availing its banking and financial services. It will be used for peer-to-peer transactions and micropayments. The price of the token will be determined by the stage on the ICO.

Entry Benefits

Cost Efficient Entry Services:

It will charge low rates for withdrawal and deposits from the exchange compared to using other platforms. It will also offer merchants services at very low rates.


The entry wallet is easily accessible through an android and iOS applications, which makes it easy for users to receive coins or make payments through blockchain assets and monitor their balances.


The entry platform allows usage of multiple cryptocurrencies in transacting thus making it convenient to its users.

Transfer Provision:

It has a game changing provision that allows users to transfer fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat and crypto to crypto.

Incentive Program:

The platform offers an incentive program, which aims at encouraging users of the entry ecosystem. The users get rewards according to the number of purchases that are made using the entry wallet. The rewards will be in form of tokens, which will encourage use of tokens on the platform and lead to loyal platform users.

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