Envion is embarking on a decentralized mining infrastructure built on smart Blockchain technology. With so much unused energy sources lying around, Envion hopes to have a decentralized transformer at different stations. Their ICO is slated to run from 1st December to 30th December 2017.

Envion’s Disruptive Mining Technology

The firm’s highly innovative Mobile Mining Units bring scalability to the mining process that drives Blockchain technology. Their efficient units will be operated and monitored using a software solution developed by the group.

The following are the strengths of Envion’s concept:

    • Monetizing overcapacities – By accessing the various power overcapacities of renewable energy, the firm is able to reach one of the lowest electricity-price mix out there.
    • Unprecedented returns – Investors will profit from a fixed re-investment strategy that has exponential growth revenues.
    • Win-win-win strategy – It involves decentralization through Blockchain technology, potential of feed-in revenues from power plants will be realized and token holders will be involved directly in this investment process.
    • Transforming traditional mining operations – The mobility and scalability of the concept will allow access to energy at low prices.

Envion’s Token Sale Overview

  • ICO period – 1st-30th December 2017
  • Token symbol – EVN
  • Token standard – ERC-20
  • Token issue volume – 150 million tokens
  • Retention ratio – Receive 75% of earnings immediately, reinvest 25% to boost future pay-outs
  • Exchange rate – 1EVN = $0.7/$0.8/ $0.9/ $1.0
  • Token purchase – ETH/BTC/credit card

91% of the funds raised will be used for investing in more Mobile Mining Units while the remaining 9% will go into research and administration. 25% of the revenues will also go into purchasing and expanding the MMU container fleet.

Envion’s Competitive Advantage

Solar Industry –

As more and more solar parks emerge, there’s massive over capacities around the world. This has made solar energy very cheap but this is only possible when bought at the source. With Envion’s mobile mining units, the over capacities will quickly be converted into ‘real’ value at these solar parks.

Homeowners –

The Envion mobile mining units easily convert electric energy into thermal power which is considered free energy by homeowners. This energy can even act as an extra source of income for these homeowners.

Power Grid –

When electricity is cheap, the grid performance is considered inefficient. The firm’s decentralized system ensures that unused capacities are available to carry out high performance mining.

Conventional Power –

Spare capacities are available to industrial transformers thanks to the Envion’s mobile mining units that are strategically placed at power sources.

Envion’s Smart Global Network

The firm will utilize a smart network that will provide real-time monitoring of the local MMUs. The real time monitoring will occur for data and application performance for different cryptocurrencies. The network also offers real-time connection for electricity exchanges with real time pricing of cryptocurrency prices.

The MMUs operate using a continuous prediction and selection of some of the best cryptocurrencies in the market. Envion’s system also optimizes on dual mining which give weight to the cryptocurrency. With such a smart network, Envion hopes to change the way mining is done by ultimately bring down its cost.

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