EnvisionX is an advertising marketplace that aims to streamline the buying and selling of advertising inventory using a verified bid stream. Here’s our EnvisionX review.

What Is EnvisionX?

EnvisionX is an advertising technology company that recently announced a blockchain-based platform called Bitcasts.

The goal of EnvisionX’s products, overall, is to provide a trusted and independent environment where people can buy and sell advertising inventory. Key features of the system include an intelligent ecosystem and complete social responsibility.

EnvisionX was founded in 2014. The company is based in London. When EnvisionX was founded, the company wasn’t built to be a blockchain-based advertising company. They were simply designed to deliver programmatic advertising. In July 2017, however, EnvisionX announced that it was integrating blockchain technology into its programmatic advertising platform.

EnvisionX is led by Founder and CEO Zheng Zhang.

How Does EnvisionX Work?

The primary goal of EnvisionX is to create one marketplace that streamlines the buying and selling of advertising inventory using a seamless and verified bid stream. That technology is called AdTrades.

The secondary goal of EnvisionX is to deliver a powerful self-serve DSP that simplifies the media buying process across channels. That platform is called AdCasts.

Both platforms are built with anti-fraud protection as a key goal.

In 2017, EnvisionX announced a programmatic advertising platform called Bitcasts that’s built on the blockchain. The software is scheduled for release later this year.


With EnvisionX’s AdTrades, buyers and sellers can access a smoother and more efficient trading platform. The platform seeks to satisfy everyone’s needs while offering the best protection for buyers and sellers. It’s described as “a vast, new space to manage all your advertising in one dynamic marketplace”.

Key features of AdTrades include full inventory control, superior ad quality, and strong anti-fraud protection. Like many advertising networks, AdTrades promises real humans and real data.

AdTrades trading can begin immediately for any programmatically-enabled buyer or seller. Some of the biggest networks using the platform include Axonix, Inneractive, AdColony, Sovrn, Doubleclick by Google, SpotX, and MobFox.


AdCasts is EnvisionX’s self-serve demand side platform (DSP). Like other DSPs, it promises to simplify the media buying process with minimal fuss.


EnvisionX is preparing to launch a blockchain-based advertising network called Bitcasts. BitCasts is scheduled for launch in September/October 2017. The platform is a combination of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence. Together, it provides advertising with the power of blockchain and programmatic advertising.

Some of the key features of EnvisionX’s Bitcasts platform include:

Cryptocurrency Support:

Deliver your online campaigns using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. You can pay as you go, and top up your account with over 30 different types of cryptocurrency. Bitcasts also promises to offer easy balance withdrawals and daily spend cap setup.

Programmatic Advertising:

Unlike advertising networks, the EnvisionX programmatic advertising engine serves ads where each of them are determined and optimized in real time on websites or mobile apps.

Global Premium Publishers:

Run your campaigns on the largest websites and mobile apps worldwide with significant better quality traffic and performance. EnvisionX’s Bitcasts promises to provide access to 30,000 publishers from the palm of your hands. Some of the bigger names in their network include CBSN News, 247Sports, CBR.com, and 30,000 additional publishers. Together, the network has access to 200 billion impressions per month.

Traffic Quality Control:

EnvisionX partners with the best-in-class third party anti-fraud solutions to tackle low quality traffic and ensure each impression and click involves real users.


View real time campaign performance, post-campaign analysis, and ad placement analysis and optimization.


EnvisionX’s Bitcasts platform offers all of the targeting you’d expect to find on a modern advertising platform, including geotargeting, device targeting, dayparking, and hyperlocal targeting.

Campaign Creation:

CPM or CPC pricing, banner and native campaigns, frequency capping, and retargeting are all available when setting up your campaign.

Transparent Verification Process:

EnvisionX lets you gain transparency along the ad serving chain to have a better understanding of how your advertising budget is spent and to where. This creates a strong trust between advertisers and publishers.

Smart Contract Real-Time Payout:

Pays out to the publishers for their served advertisements in real time, so there’s no disappointment on minimum payout thresholds or long (90 day) pay terms.

The last two features (transparent verification and smart contract payouts) are not expected to be part of the platform at launch in September/October 2017. However, they expect to be implemented in 2018.

About EnvisionX

EnvisionX is based in London, England. You can contact the company at [email protected]

The company was founded in 2014 as an independent advertising technology company. In 2017, EnvisionX announced plans to integrate blockchain into its advertising offerings in the form of the Bitcasts platform.

EnvisionX has four offices located around the world. The company is led by CEO and Founder Zheng Zhang.

EnvisionX Conclusion

We’ve seen a number of companies offer blockchain-based advertising solutions. EnvisionX has been around since 2014, but only recently announced its blockchain-based advertising platform called Bitcasts. That platform seeks to accept cryptocurrencies in exchange for advertising products. The platform is launching in September or October 2017.

Stay tuned for more information about EnvisionX and its advertising products as the company continues to expand.

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