EOS.io is a blockchain protocol published by Block.One that enables horizontal scaling of decentralized applications, allowing developers to efficiently create high performance distributed applications. The aim to be the skeleton of future decentralized applications. Their developer version just launched and their full version is set to launch in June which will allow third parties to deploy their own decentralized blockchain application using their platform.

However, there has been some strange developments going on in their company that draws skepticisms on the company’s decentralization efforts.

Block Producers(BP) are roughly the equivalent of miners in PoW. Unlike miners, there is a predetermined number of BPs and they are rewarded for validating blocks and providing infrastructure for the blockchain. Block.one had earlier claimed that they have nothing to do with who deploys the blockchains in June and who will be the BPs.

Suspicions of malpractice arose when it was noticed that INBlockchain was listed as Block.One’s main investor and Brendon Blumer were in INBlockchain’s advisory board. INBlockchain is now preparing a BP candidacy for themselves and they want to invest in several BP candidates, including EOS Mao Lao, OracleChain, EOS Gravity, and eosONO. This increases the weariness because of the companies’ conflict of interest.

It is to be noted that both the pages where Block.One had listed INBlockchain as their advisor and where INBlockchain had listed Blumer as their advisor has disappeared but is available on the internet archive.

Block.one’s CTO, Dan Larmier has claimed that he has no idea about the collusion and that the pages on the internet archive are photoshopped. This comment might be the most suspicious claim in this entire development. Even their CEO claims that the whole thing is a mistake and that he has never been an advisor for INBlockchain.

This should be ample proof that there is intricate colliding going on between these companies which should send warning signals to the individuals and communities that are keeping a close eye on EOs.IO and Block.One. EOS should not be looked as the poster child for decentralization but a platform that helps in scalability and network resource allocation.

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