EOS dApps Ecosystem Categories

Good look at all of the different EOSIO platforms and products to get a snapshot of what is to potentially come should EOS deliver and live up to its $4 billion dollar year-long ICO.

Education Apps

• AWOO! – Collaboration platform that incentives human action toward the creation of value

Everpedia – The next generation encyclopedia built on the EOS blockchain

Sense – The protocol for Human Knowledge

ONO – The world’s largest free, open-source decentralized social network for the new generation

Advertising Apps

• Lab Ledger – Peer-to-peer platform that pays a scientist to publish and review scientific papers

• TXT – Decentralized advertising economy that pays the viewer

• Carmel – Decentralized Open Source Tech Education Platform

Gaming and Gambling

Plactal – Next-generation mobile game advertising on the blockchain

• Emanate – Music-technology platform for the blockchain era with artists, creativity, and collaboration at the very center

• EOS Bet – The Future of Decentralized Gambling

Billionaire Token – Decentralized games on the blockchain

• SEEOS – Cryptocurrency both in-game and outside of the game

• DEOS Games – Play zero house edge, provably fair and truly decentralized games

• AZARUS – A fair, reliable and transparent platform to play and bet tokens

ONEPAY – Decentralized POS solutions for the EOS blockchain

• Cards and Tokens – A place where you can create, exchange, and collect cards of any topic and make money in the process

Payments and Currency Apps

HorusPay – Decentralized Global Payroll Portal that allows companies to exchange private encrypted date with international payroll vendors

• Starteos – Smart digital wallet support EOS mapping

• Chaince – A Superior Blockchain Asset focusing on EOS projects

Exchanges Apps

• Tokena – First EOS based decentralized exchange

Uncloak – Next Generation Cyber Security Threat Management

• EOSfintex – The world’s first high performance decentralized exchange

Insight Network – Blockchain-based data exchange

IRYO – Healthcare blockchain protocol decentralized access to medical data

EOXCommerce – An incentive cryptocurrency E-commerce network

Platform and Social Content apps

Chintai – A high performance fee-less community owned leasing platform

Zimbra X – The Next Generation of the Zimbra Email and Collaboration Platform

• HireVibes – A decentralized jobs platform powered by crowd sourcing

• Nebula – Decentralized curtailed list of professors and job opportunities

• Emanate – Music-technology platform for the blockchain with artists, creativity, and collaboration at the very center

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