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EOS Decentralized Exchange DEXEOS Partners With Unlimited Tower And UTG Token

Ultimate Tower, A Blockchain Based Gaming Platform Partners With First EOS Decentralized Exchange, DEXEOS

EOS (EOS) is growing rapidly in the decentralized application world as more companies build their projects on the blockchain. The launch of the first decentralized exchange on the platform in August 2018 is opening the way for additional applications on EOS blockchain.

The next Ethereum, as it is popularly referred, has become a major sensation in the last few months as seen in the appreciation in price and coin rankings. EOS (EOS) development and adoption is not taking a break as more decentralized applications are built on the platform.

The latest announcement on development progress of applications on the blockchain is the partnership between Unlimited Tower and EOS Decentralized Exchange (DEXEOS), the first-ever decentralized exchange on EOS. The partnership between the two blockchain companies aims to increase the market share of both companies. On an institutional level, Unlimited Tower token, ticker UTG, will gain addition on the DEX and further benefit from the consulting services offered by DEXEOS.

EOS Decentralized Exchange, DEXEOS

The DEXEOS is a decentralized peer to peer exchange that allows users to make transactions anonymously, instantly and transparent through a smart contract. The exchange is efficiently structured and allows users on the platform to trade on the platform without knowing your customer verification details. The platform allows the anonymous trading of over 70 tokens on the DEx most of which are launched on the blockchain.

The exchange adopted the fast nature of its parent blockchain offering similar transactions per second rate. Furthermore, the EOS token wallet will be accessible to all airdrops directly on your wallet.

The Unlimited Tower dApp

Unlimited Tower is a gaming dApp created on the EOS blockchain platform. On its official website, the dApp is described as “The Next Generation On-Chain Battle SRPG dApp built on EOS.” UTG is ranked 10th best application on the EOS blockchain by DappRadar with a total of 500 users in the past week playing the game.



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