EOS Introduces Demux for App Development

EOS Introduces Demux For App Development

EOS, run by the Block.One team, launched a new addition to offerings. The new addition, called Demux, is an open-source development tool that may make creating decentralized applications (dApps) easier by offering a bridge to traditional database management systems. Facebook’s Flux Architecture and Redux, a state container for JavaScript apps, both inspired EOS to create the new tool

Demux is beneficial because it may allow blockchain events to be automatically updated and verified to a Mongo or Postgres SQL database. This type of process makes it easier to function within a database.

Here is the visual of the process provided by Block.One:

According to EOS, the prior interface was limited. The issue with the limiting quality is that it required multiple simple queries, rather than a single complicated one. This ultimately causes scaling issues, if scaling is relevant. Essentially, this new feature will allow for easier and more efficient development of EOS application.

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