EOS GO: Blockchain Launch Countdown Ready to Go For June 10 1PM UTC

EOS GO is an effort that claims to bring together its community of followers to launch its first-ever blockchain. While the countdown was set for some time now, it has been made official, the EOS MainNet will be live on June 9, 2018 at 1300 UTC after voters saw an unanimous decision amongst all EOS Block Producers.

The news was also revealed through a Twitter post by long time EOS support and crypto whale Brock Pierce, which stated:

While it is clear that the entire EOS team has been excitedly waiting for their blockchain’s launch, it appears that the same applies to their followers, who have been expressing joy via comments.

A Twitter user, NoStops [NotGivingAwayAnything] @Ahrrggghh stated:

“Congrats to the entire team and BPs, it feels like the excitement when $ETH launched, this time there will be no roll backs of the blockchain and the tx capability is massive and free. Some 2000+ real world Dapps in pipeline. $EOS is THE Swiss Army Knife for modern enterprise.”

Here is the EOS GO mainnet activation group who has been keeping everyone updated with the progress and process of getting the voters to agree GO vs NOT GO.

Many other Twitter and EOS followers have been posting imagines that are just as meaningful. One posted a rocket, suggesting that EOS might go to the moon!

For those interested, here is the MainNet Launch Flowchart: https://status.producer.vote/

Block.One's EOS project has been highly anticipated after it saw a year long ICO launch raise over $4 Billion during that time frame. And now the ‘voting in' process for block producers is here and now is on the brink of bringing the blockchain fresh life force and blood as EOS looks to take over the blockchain/business smart contract industry.

The blockchain mainnet launch of EOS will have five stages in all, with the first being the snapshot stage followed by the boot stage, then test stage and enable stage then the voting process.

There was over 100 block producer candidates who joined in on the Block.One EOS voting call and took place for about 45 minutes according to online reports. When we see 15% of the EOS tokens are staked as votes and the first elected block producers group is acknowledged, the active mainnet chain will be officially declared as live.

What do you guys think – will the EOS GO status from the block producers in the blockchain mainnet launch effect the coin price anytime soon?

EOS is currently trading at $14.67 with a 5% increase in the last 24 hours. With an all time high price of just over $20 a few months ago, will we see the $36 price range hit set by crypto advocate John McAfee? Or will we see a bear market continue for all altcoins in the near future despite the mainnet launch?

We will be sure to have much more updates regarding the EOS GO status!

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