EOS Launch: Mainnet Blockchain Activation Status GO, Block Producers Vote Unanimously

The launch of EOS is now officially live and producing blocks after the block producer (BP) candidates and the super-nodes voting system unanimously vote GO to launch the blockchain.

The mainnet chain had a year long build up to it, but now Block.One's highly anticipated initial coin offering is here and live on its own blockchain operating system.

When EOS was thought to launch on June 9, Roshan Abraham of EOS Authority said yesterday about that:

“The community found and solved a problem, but Daniel Larimer CTO suggested another solution that will be launched soon.”

The EOS Blockchain mainnet voting system was rather interesting as it was a first in many regards, and this is how it worked according to twitter user Sebastian:

1) One BP was a-pointed to boot the chain
2) After booting the chain, he pause production & resigns control
3) Over 100 teams validate the contents of the chain independently
4) Once we all agreed that chain is valid, chain is un-paused and votes starts
5) Only when 150MM Tokens vote, we have the first 21 selected BPs

As you can see below, things are starting to roll as the voting statistics for the EOS Block Producers is gaining momentum.


There were a few bugs earlier today (not on the core EOS software) that affected testing progress somewhat.

There is a randomly selected block producers (BP) that is booting things up, which only some people know. All communications to this BP are routed through a small number of people. A peering connection must be opened with all others. However, it shows a great advance with meshing: more BPs now get blocks after interconnecting each other. BPs must design how and when to open this chain, since the blocks are flowing between BP. However, the blocks still have no transaction. As the blocks are flowing, the BPs are allowed to validate the real system.

The chain will only be public after the BPs agreement to create an actual end point and open it up to the public. It will be an end point based on the web and could be for any of the BP or for the loads balanced among all.

EOS wants to obtain more meshed BPs and open transactions this Sunday after the call, at 13:00.

As the call was made on June the 10th at 13:00 UTC – early morning in America, noon in Europe and evening in Asia – that means the chain will be launched soon after. If all the final tests and validations are correct and there are no last-minute errors that delay the process, then its launch may be imminent.

It is not clear whether there will be any live stream, but the EosPortal.io should show a new string once it is launched, and the EOS block explorer should start moving.

Once it starts, there will be a voting period in which more than 15% of all tokens must vote for at least one Super Node of the Block Producer. Only after the EOS vote is carried out its official launch will be announced as fully operational.

We also want to shed light on this fascinating twitter thread developing and highlight on Vitalik's comment as well.

Here is Ethereum's creator Vitalik Buterin's reply within the long thread about EOS.

We will be sure to have much more headlines about the EOS mainnet launch in the coming days and weeks!

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